Published on Apr 16, 2014

Donate any amount to get the MP3s for free. Donating of $10 or more directly to Tucker Booth using the link below will enable him to send you a rare, CD copy of the album!

If you’d like to download without donating, use this link:

2. Don’t Bounce
3. Close The Drapes
4. No Front
5. Elevator Music
6. Horrible Night
7. Secret Muslim
8. Too High 2 Fight
9. Doomed
10. Too Damn Bad
11. Leavin’ Las Vegas
12. What’s The Matter?
13. The Chosen One
14. Eat Me In St. Louis
15. Nothing Changed 4 Me
16. “It’s All Here, Right?”
17. The Beat Is Broken

Featuring Silly J Skillz, Big Fish, Abe The Babe, Jarmel Reece, Jonathan Toth From Hoth, Irish Mother Scott, The Elders, and Less Rothchild.

Mixed and Produced by John Maxfield for Tantrum Niche Records.
Mastered by Dale Maxfield II.


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