STLA connection Sav! and Mista Melo drop ‘Sleeze Rap’


What happens when the sex, drugs and thugs of Los Angeles meet the gutter fab art pimps of Saint Louis?  A genre is born. Vibe engineers Scumbag Sav! (Saint Louis) and Mista Melo (Los Angeles) have cooked up a brand new product, cut it with classic Hip-Hop skills and called it Sleeze Rap.   Fifteen laid back tracks get twisted with game lesson lyrics and sparked with clever samples over Jazzy bass heavy breaks.  The Production is handled by Serious, Crucial, Jay Beatz, 21 Gramz, Young Blood, The Arsenals, DJ Muggs and the duo themselves. Bouncy rhythms and soulful hooks pour out of the speakers like indo smoke and the lyrics paint a picture of a lifestyle the gen pop doesn’t get to see.

This STL/L.A. collabo project has been in motion for a minute and 2014 has brought the perfect storm of influence for this new brand of narcotic to “rock up” into its purest form.  After a brief stay in Saint Louis county last month Scumbag Sav! wasted no time getting up with Melo and Blunt Boogie Records and they hit the corner with a pocket full of Sleeze Rap CD’s. “Fresh outta rehab / I ain’t relapse / I’m just right back at it” rhymes Sav! with no remorse on track 11 Low Low. If you can’t catch up to them in person (follow the pack of intoxicated females) you can cop one for a Lincoln at the Blunt Boogie Bandcamp or get it from where it has been downloaded over 25,000 times. Let’s hope they don’t catch a case for pushin that much dope. Party. ~ Hensley

sav blunt b


rap with us

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