Atmosphere delivers the first video ‘Bitter’ from their upcoming album ‘Southsiders!’

bitteratmos crop2

Most of us were introduced to Atmosphere by the track ‘Scapegoat’ in 1997, which for many, remains one of the realest tracks ever. It’s just god damn impressive and rare that a group can remain groundbreaking for 17 years, not relevant…groundbreaking. The first video ‘Bitter’ from the upcoming album ‘Southsiders‘ is a perfect example. I met Ant at a gas station 4 years ago  he immediately recognized us from the front row of their show earlier that night,  he walked right up to the car and asked us “Did you guys have fun at the show?, how did we sound?” That’s some Atmosphere shit right there.  They have always been here and I hope they never stop.  Check out the brand new video.

– Hensley

 “This one’s to recognize you / your jealousy needs an anthem too” – Slug


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