I’m writing this by the light of my monitor at 1:30 AM in an in and out of sleep state and I couldn’t be more comfortable with that. I Just cracked open a fresh e-mail from the infamous Midwest art imprint Farfetched. It’s the new EP LuvSounz by producer Austin Carter a.k.a Centipede. I’ve seen this project blasted all over the internet all week. Perfect timing. After a quick soulful intro defining the sharing of things as a great interpretation of love, Austin gets right into anointing the synapses of your brain to a slow steady rhythmic pulse.

Track 2 First Sight is seemingly built around the sound of a live heartbeat layered over 10,000 crabs walking on a glass floor. It sounds like the result of Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Flying Lotus and Trent Rezner getting locked in a studio and deciding  to see who could drink the most codeine. At this point I’m locked in. I can’t not listen to this, it’s absolutely intriguing.  I smoked a bowl of White Widow, closed my eyes a let the whole EP play 3-5 times (I have no idea how many times for reals) but I “woke up” right where I left off.

Track 3 LuvSounz pt. 1 (Moon dance) Is a funky head nodder,  danceable and groovy, it’s good for what ails you.  Is that a harp? Yes, yes it is. This brings us to track 4. Magical Sunshine.  The first time I heard this I thought one thing, there is no way homeboy is old enough to remember this sound.  Which let’s me know one thing…crate digger. A tell-tale sign of a good electronic music producer.

Track 4 is so seamless I can’t tell how much of it is sampled and what is programmed.  So I asked him at 3 am via internet. “Magical Sunshine, technically all of that track is sampled. The drums were from some records I pulled from years ago, that I chopped up and programmed myself. The rest is kind of a mix between juggling chopped samples and layering samples on top of each other, if that makes sense.” He replied. I was right, a fellow vinyl fanatic. So if you’ve ever wondered what the Bomb Squad would have sounded like in 1972, now we know. How dope is that!  It also reminds me of Hill Street Blues for some reason (look it up youngbloods.)

Track 5 LuvSounz pt.2(Midnight Hour) is reminiscent of flying saucers gliding through the rain and it would be good for…..    Track 6 Don’t Worry brings subtle deep vocals and soul claps that build up to some bangin heavy drum work.  Track 7 Luvsounz pt.3 (onsumluvsht) wraps it up nicely with the only live vocals on the project.  Three emcees bring to light the male/female power struggle over a final dose of masterful orchestration by Centipede.

Clocking in at 18 minutes 23 seconds you can absolutely let the project play a few times in a row and notice new things every time.  I wouldn’t say there is a method to Centipede’s madness as much as there is a science to his serenity. Good S*it man, I’m officially impressed with Austin Carter.

~ Hensley

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