Tef Poe releases ‘Hennessy’ The first official video from ‘Cheer For The Villain’

tef crtv cover

The first official video from Tef Poe’s heavily buzzing new release Cheer For The Villain is here, It’s called Hennessy.  The visuals are directed by Remrod and the track itself has a distinct sting to it but finishes smooth. Tef, talking real talk as always, exudes bravery and confidence in the midst of frustration and anxiety. The guitar, drums and keys on the album are mostly live by executive producer DJ Burn One and 5 Points Music Group.  Cheer For The Villain was just released Independently by Footklan/Overdose Entertainment. Tef Poe embodies the righteous, misunderstood villain and will definitely have you cheering for him. Check out the new video and album below and say hi to the bad guy. ~ Chris Hensley

<<< http://www.cheerforthevillain.com >>>


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