Me N Mine Entertainment’s Usual Suspects come together to heist the industry.


Me N Mine Ent. decided it was time to perform the perfect crime and heist the music industry (Thank you.)  So they rounded up the Usual Suspects, said their names loudly and put some bright lights on them.

“Cain 1-2-1, MWellz, WooChild and J-Rell, how do you plead to representing your city to the fullest?”

“Guilty!” in unison was the reply. Picture that.

These four Saint Louis vets have come together under the Me N Mine Label to show everyone what the business is. Like the four seasons of the Midwest you like them all separately and for different reasons but  together, they all balance each other out thus their rap game flourishes.  The new Usual Suspects project just released 10 days ago is 14 tracks of well-rounded underground Hip-Hop.  There is a good mix of collabo tracks and solo shine tracks so you get to know what each emcee brings to the table.  I’ve been rockin MWells as a solo artist for a minute now and it’s no surprise to see her on a team of this caliber.  The new project is a free download so get that and turn it up.  Record execs, industry yes men and whack emcees watch your back.  The Usual Suspects are out there. – Hensley

Get the album >>>



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