Pancho Rucker drops the 4th installment of his ‘I’m Better Than U On Ur Shit’ mixtape series

pruckercustomvol4 pb

P RUUUUUUUUUUCKEEEEEEER ( I always gotta say his name like that) has got some more shit to talk through your stereo.  The 4th installment of his mixtape series I’m Better Than U On Ur Shit just came through. This Volume is a heavily serious/heavily clownin foray into life as a young artist, the good and the bad. Poncho smashes through 23 (+2 bonus) self-produced tracks with laid back and triple time rhyme schemes. Host Dutch Jackson of adds a lot of flavor to the project as well.  On track 15 Consultation Prize the duo question whether they have a moral line anymore and then continue to clown about relationships with a hilariously morbid twist. On the harder side of the project Track 22 Mighty Long ft. Geon Pancho walks you a mile in his shoes as he finds a higher ground in the Midwest streets.  P Rucker reps Saint Louis hard and we’re standin right behind him.  Check out the video for Track 1  Curtians Open and this is just the project intro.  ~ Hensley


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