Cas-One smashes it on his 2nd album ‘The Monster And The Wishing Well’


I was blessed with an advanced copy of Cas-One’s second full length album The Monster And The Wishing Well.  I felt like I was sitting on an incredible new drug and I couldn’t wait to give you all this feeling.  This record will breathe life into the forever thirsty masses of knowledge seekers and the underground free radicals alike.  It’s truly refreshing without the harmful side effects of monotony because it’s all natural with no record labels involved, just Cas-One and  his crew.

Cas definitely doesn’t walk alone through this 16 track composition.  Two of his main production crew consists of his long time friends Eric Hunter and an electro wizard known as Figure, all three of them are straight out of Evansville, Indiana. Additional lyrical energy is harnessed by unusual suspects Bitter Stephens, Prolyphic & Metermaids and Tommy Jamin & Proe.  Hi-fi acoustic crooner Kristoff Krane spreads some love on track four Never Runner also featuring Ceschi and vinyl chopper Wick-it practices some turntable jujitsu on  track three Chasing Greatness. Any track featuring a real DJ gets automatic points from me these days.  I find 95% of so-called Hip-Hop albums these days disturbingly lacking in this department.

Several tracks like numbers, 1. Long Walk, 3. Chasing Greatness 6. Vultures and 9. I Am What I Am hit you with a funky almost throwback vibe with a modern edgiest.  This layer of the album has Cas flexing lyrical muscle and showing us why he deserves shine on the microphone.  These are get up tracks to blow your speakers to.  Cas-One can definitely keep your head nodding while pushing thought-provoking lines through you cerebellum.  He also spits one of the best “motherfuckers” in Hip Hop since Dr.Dre.  Maybe that’s some shit only I would notice because I love to fucking curse but it’s all good times none the less.

Another layer woven into this menagerie of expression is held together by guitar stings, piano chords, rich real live vocals and expertly placed melodic samples. Track number 2. The Get down is an upbeat dark comedy which there is a wicked artsy video already out for. Tracks 4. Never Runner, 5. Cold Spell, 11. Empty Nest, 12. Reasons, 14. Opiates and 15. October celebrate the human spirit. This is where Cas purges middle class life, pseudo fame and 10 years in the rap game out of your stereo.  He’ll paint you a picture of your own day.  After these songs you’ll be relating to him like he’s one of the guys from your job,  or even the cool bar back that will pour you a drink when the bartender is being a duchy poon hound at the end of the bar for ten minutes.

The whole tapestry is held together by a rocked out vibe over driving to slow rumbling beats. Tracks 7. Rabbit Named Wolf, 8. Out Of The Light and 13. Into The Dark could easily be played on alternative rock radio. One of my favorites on the album is an entity all it own.  Track 10. Strutbounce is a bouncy ego booster seemingly inspired by someone Cas-One has frequently shared a stage with Brother Ali.  Monster In The Wishing Well is a great album that walks the line beautifully between rappin about livin and livin that rap life. Check out the latest video from the album for A Long Walk. ~ Hensley

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