Hip-Hop Vet Rah Digga Aims to Raise Kickstarter Funds for Community Center

rahdigga framed

Rah Digga established herself as a fearless female emcee when she joined forces with Busta Rhymes as a part of Flipmode Squad in the 1990s. However, she’s clearly a force all her own. Born Rashia Fisher, the New Jersey native sees beyond hip-hop and her role in music. She concentrates on her role in the world.

Based in Newark, she witnesses first-hand the devastation that violence and poverty has done to the people in her community,especially the youth demographic.  In hopes of combating the negative activities kids so often succumb to, Rah Digga is attempting to raise 20K to establish the NJ Dance Network, a public community center focused on the performing arts.

“Most of the facilities that are available to the kids here are in the sketchier areas of the city,” she explains.  “My facility will be located in downtown Newark in the heart of our business district.  We will be providing free formal performing/creative arts training of various sorts.  They will have 5,000 sq. ft. of secure ‘practice space’ to come ‘work it out’ as opposed to lingering on street corners. Every source of public transportation that travels through Newark passes through downtown. Whether you are on your way to work, school, shopping, or just visiting the city, the facility will be visible and accessible to all. I will be working with several other organizations throughout the city and state  to expand this network and cross promote our programs so there will be unlimited options and resources for anyone looking to better themselves.  I want to make a big enough impact and gather enough supporters so that city administrators can no longer turn a blind eye to our city’s youths’ growing needs.”

Rah Digga needs your help to spread the word about the NJ Dance Network and the Kickstarter campaign, which is live as of Tuesday, September 17, 2013. The campaign lasts for 30-days. Any donations are endlessly appreciated.

~ Kyle Eustice/smARTminds

P.S. On the music tip Rah is more raw than ever. The first leak “New Hoes” from her up and coming mixtape “Kill’em All” is stinging social commentary spit fiercely over Kanye’s New Slaves beat.   Her last album “Classics” prduced by Knottz is strait lovely from start to finish. Check out my favorite track “Viral.”



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