Emcee Cas One to Release Highly-Anticipated Sophomore Effort: The Monster and the Wishing Well

Cas one framed

On October 29, 2013, the landscape of indie hip-hop changes forever with the release of Cas One’s The Monster and the Wishing Well, a 16-track opus that defies the traditional definition of hip-hop and gives it a fresh meaning. Cas One is working tirelessly to establish himself as lyrical wrecking ball capable of spitting with the best of them. He’s worked with everyone from Brother Ali and Sadistik to the late Eyedea and Ceschi Ramos of Fake Four, Inc. He’s shared the stage with Grayskul, Visionaries, Kristoff Krane, and electronic musician/producer, Figure. His 2005 debut, Liberation, was a valiant effort, which was not only widely received, but also critically acclaimed on sites like 2DopeBoyz and Okay Player.

On The Monster and the Wishing Well, Cas One finds a way to address heavy topics while retaining intriguing musicality and infectious, unrelenting beats. Guest spots include Ceschi Ramos and Kristoff Krane on “Never Runner” and Bitter Stephens on “Empty Nest.” But overall, this is unmistakably a Cas One album. The songs are tales of a young man growing up, becoming a father, a husband, and feeling out the methods of balancing it all out with his artistic passion. Not to mention, Cas One’s lyrical skills are on point. He rhymes with confidence and honesty as he tightly holds on to the fluidity of each verse. His live shows are filled with boundless energy. Cas One is literally one to watch. The Monster and the Wishing Well continues a promising career for an artist who is just getting started.      

~ Kyle Eustice/Smart Minds

“I’m just like you if you’re not like them.” ~ Cas One

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