Greze Gutta drops a slammin new video for ‘Super Weak’

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It’s not an easy task to pull off clever and grimy, of course there are the true masters 2Pac, Treach, Rakim etc., but after that golden era there was a lapse of a lot of half step and blah blah.  If you want to hear what potential and progress sounds like check out my man Greze Gutta.  He brings that base element Hip-Hop vibe and every time he raps he does it like it’s his last day on Earth. That passion lined up with smart ass stinging lines like “Google me bitch/ better yet try Bing/ sorry mom it’s a fling/While ya”ll ni**gas yellin swag/ on you ho’s imma swing” makes for an awesomely contradictory cocktail like Hennessy in a martini glass or a gift-wrapped pistol…it’s nicely packaged lethalness.

Greze is from East Saint Louis where day-to-day life is a thin line between no joke and a constant party.  It’s not for the kiddies but if you’re not having fun listening to his music you might want to see a therapist or something.  No doubt his surrounding have shaped his persona and sound but homeboy travels and takes inspiration from everywhere which helps him not fall into the trap this and money that doldrums. He’s been well received from college towns like Wichita Kansas which couldn’t be farther from his cultural roots to the ultimate test of rocking the Mixshowlive 2013 extravaganza in Las Vegas hosted by the CoreDJs. His fan base at home is also growing impressively.

He had a smashing set at this years S.L.U.M.fest in STL and also took second but very,very nearly first in the emcee battle there.  Generally taking second in a battle isn’t something you would mention but dude made such a splash by going directly at two-time champ Tucker Booth, publicly, by name, months before the festival like people used to have the balls to do.  He even started an internet campaign called #Grezeguttakilledtucker and even though he got edged (and I mean edged) out of winning it he made the battle the most anticipated part of the day and now those two are homies!

Greze continues to build momentum and plans on knockin 2014 over the head and then makin it dance in a Greze Gutta T-shirt.  I’m about to infect the internet with the Gutta virus via his brand new video ‘Super Weak’ which was just released hours ago.

~ Hensley

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