The 618’s LMNOP releases ‘6th Day 18th Month’ on On My Own Records

lmnop 6th month 18th day

In Saint Louis on the other side of the river lies the 618 A.K.A. the Ill side, dubbed that because it’s technically in Illinois but on a map it’s called East Saint Louis.  The real reason it earned that moniker is because artists like LMNOP and Doorway Crew reside there and rep their hood with a certain Bravado.  They have been known to tweak the Midwest sound to an irreverent frequency and lace it with a go hard, street runner mentality.  “I’m putting the city on MY back, strive begins with self.”  LMNOP told me about the new album ‘6th Month 18th Day’ which was just released on On My Own Records.

From UGK’s ‘Pocket Full Of Stones‘ in 92 to Young Roddy’s ‘Crack BC‘ on Curren$y’s 2011 release ‘Verde Terrace’ I’ve always loved a no holds barred trap star anthem.  Notice no one ever writes a dope song about SMOKING crack.  My point is do not smoke crack, but do listen to good music, have a good time and do what you gotta do.  ~ Hensley

 Check out LMNOP puttin in work on ‘For My Block N*****’ above and download/get the whole CD  at

$$$ 6 1 8 $$$

13 Spades ft LMNOP ‘Fear Me’


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