SKIDDALZ ~ Makin it Happen

skiddalz home jpg

With an influx of tragic white girl rappers lately midwest darling Skiddalz is an exception and thank god it’s about time.  She’s been showin and provin for a while now, silencing doubters time after time and she doesn’t have to do it with mini skirts and talking about being slutty.  She can actually uhhhh rap, write songs and perform.   Skiddalz recently signed a new management deal with DJ K Yung and has her eyes on the future.  She has a new EP on the way and this is what she told us about it.

“The new EP is upbeat, fun, and satirical… plenty of the usual sarcasm I like to throw into my music. Some nice club, mainstream records that hit hard. But, it also takes on a dark role. There are vulnerable, emotional, and trying records in this EP that touch on a lot of personal issues within my life that I feel others can relate to. I have a controversial song based on ‘suicide’ on this EP, that may be hard for some people to hear because it’s a real problem amongst Americans that is often swept under the rug or not addressed. So, the title of this EP is “Rebel Angel”. I felt it was fitting because “Rebel” being the dark side of the album, and “Angel” being the good side. “Angel” is also my government name. So, I feel that it would represent my debut nicely.”

 Check out the promo for her new video ‘Make It Happen’ from her new EP ‘Rebel Angel’ due out this fall.

Keep up with Skiddalz at

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