SCRUB reps Missouri to the fullest on his brand new mixtape ‘Cornfed’ from 9~Ball Ent./Farfetched Records

Scrub cornfed

I recently spent two rain-soaked, alcohol fueled, bonfire heated nights of immoral self-indulgence on the banks of the Gasconade River, which is deep in the heart of the Missouri woods.  Around 2 A.M. of night one, I found myself in the middle of a huge field with a bottle of Jagermeister and a small die-hard crew of Waynesvillains* one of whom was 9-Ball Ent. CEO Scrub.  In Missouri you don’t need a reason to stand in a field and drink Jager, but we had one.  We were cheering on some Midwest Cumulonimbus madness in the sky and daring it (foolishly) to give us its worst.  This was the first of a string of hardcore thunderstorms that boasted skull cracking thunder and a lightning show that lit up the rural skyline like no man-made fireworks ever could.

Little did we know at the time this was the beginning of what is sure to go down as the “The Great Waynesville Flood of 2013” and the very field we were standing in would be under water three days later. With no knowledge of the impending doom we carried on with our annual party in the woods.  Everytime Odin would drop a lighting bolt wayyyyy too close to us we would hoist a celebratory shot to go along with the eminent crack-crack BOOOOOOOM! that followed.  Scrub thought this would be a good time to tell me about his new mixtape ‘Cornfed.’  Half deafened by nature and fully blinded by black licorice flavored German moonshine, I Agreed that it was the perfect time.

“‘Cornfed’ is a collection of tracks I recorded over the last 2 years that I wanted to put out as a precursor to my new album ‘No More Food.'” said Scrub as natures strobe light momentarily turned night to day all around us.  He also let me know that “There will be virtually no promotion for the mixtape, it’s for the people who are already checkin for us.”  ‘Cornfed’ features collabo’s with a Show-Me-State roll call of dopeness including Silly J-Skills, Hearz Kra-Z, M.A. Double, Scripts of Scripts and Screws, Lyfe Stile and Jonezy.

Production is handled by a multitude of producers Scrub has worked with over time and was most likely mixed by Scrub’s 9-Ball label mate M.A. Double or Scrub himself (this part of the story got a little hazy, sue me.) I definitely remember him giving me some awesome camping advice. “Tequila and Orange Juice all day, Cazadorez, that is the secret to kicking it in the woods. Mosquitoes don’t want anything to do with you with that shit coursing through your veins!”

Scrub and the ladies of the Annual Gasconade River party.  Yes that's retro disco gear, we get weird.
Scrub and the ladies of the Annual Gasconade River Party. Yes that’s retro farm girl gear, it gets awesomely weird in the woods.

After a couple more shots and a lengthy conversation about breast implants, from which I concluded “If you can touch them they’re real,” we realized Mother Nature was winning this drinking game.  With still no rain and the symphony in the sky still going hard, we decided to call halftime on the shots and discuss the aforementioned full length Scrub album ‘No More Food’ due to be released on the Farfetched label this winter.  Scrub’s plan for the album is both gracious and ambitious.

“I’m gonna release each song from NMF as a single, for one week for free.  Then it will disappear.  When I’m done, I will re-release the album for sale.  M.A. Double and Rob Young (a classically trained pianist) are executive producing.  They have been adding a lot of flavor to the album.  It’s funky southern shit. I’d say it’s about 70% done, Loose Screws and Fresh Kils also produced some tracks”  Proclaimed Scrub as he handed me the giant square green bottle.  “Game on son, Cheers” I said and happily accepted.  “This one’s for Skilly” as I tipped back the bottle which was all too delicious at this point, then passed it.  “To Skilly” proclaimed Scrub with a healthy swig.

Skilly, who couldn’t make it to the party this year is none other than Silly J-Skills, one of our highly revered Waynesvillain brethren and the person who actually dubbed us all that name. Naturally he is also Scrubs 9-Ball label mate and Partner in Rhyme.  “Skilly’s album is almost done to, probably a winter release.  We have videos planned for both of us!”  declared Scrub enthusiastically.  “Plus on september 14th is the Farfetched festival ‘Brave New World’, which Kils and his emcee Mad Dukes are headlining, they’re superdope!  Kils is the Toronto MPC champion, he plays a solo live set and plays live with Dukes, Dukes is from Buffalo.  The rest of the line up is Farfetched as fuck! It’s 10 bones at Demo in STL.”

Scrub BNW 2013As you can probably guess quoting the rest of the night would be difficult.  One highlight that stands out in my foggy recollection is Me and Scrub walking a wooded path in the early AM and stumbling (literally) across what we were sure could only be Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s abandoned trailer, complete with recently used kitchen utensils.  Special chocolates may or may not have been involved in this truly important discovery.  So watch out for all this 9-Ball/Farfetched lovelyness coming your way and yes we all made it out of there alive although two of my friends cars are still at the campgrounds half-submerged by the Gasconade River.  You know the play players, don’t tempt nature.

Holla ~ Hensley

* Waynesvillain – A decorated soldier of manifest destiny who grew up in or around Waynesville Missouri in the 80’s or early 90’s


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