Phoenix Hip-Hop Group, The Insects, Release New Graphic Novel/Grindhouse Style Video for “All Day & All Night”

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In collaboration with the Albuquerque-based company, Concept Flux Media, Arizona’s own Insects release their new video for “All Day & All Night,” the first single off their new album, Black Rose.  The video tells a dark, twisted tale about a hit-man who ventures out onto the road and venomously kills off a handful of people one by one, leaving a wilted black rose behind at every scene. The victims in the grindhouse style video personify the negative aspects of the hitmanʼs personality; the womanizer, alcoholic and sloth. Shot in New Mexico by Phillip Torres, James Swagerty and Monte Monteith of Concept Flux Media, “All Day & All Night” is an intense, but beautiful, cinematic video. When left up to interpretation, it has the ability to speak volumes about the human condition.  Black Rose was released April 25, 2013.


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Write up by Kyle Eustice


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