Bodi ~ The Fall of Atlas and The Volunteer Adventure

Bodi The_20Fall_20of_20Atlas_Cover_original

With all the troubles in the world today, it’s good to know that there are people out there trying to balance out the global chi and bring a brighter tomorrow.  There are many of us, but Bodi (formerly Alexipharmic) is a standout.  As a Musician/Activist and purveyor of good karma in general, Bodi is well versed.  A lot of talent , ambition and righteousness have brought him a long way but he seems to building on a cosmic kinetic energy towards bigger and better things.  In a recent fan interview he was asked “If you were rich, where would your money go?” He replied, with no hesitation ” I would give to Mercycorps they do a lot of great work around the world and also to Doctors Without Borders.  Then, I would give out a bunch of micro finance loans and help communities in third world and second world countries get back on their feet and have sustainable financial growth for the future.” See what I’m sayin?  Never being one to shy away from seizing the day, he is currently in the midst of his most ambitious projects to date on all fronts.

Five years in the making, his brand new album The Fall of Atlas was just released.  He also just embarked on a year-long volunteer mission.  Bodi is a busy guy right now and couldn’t be happier about it.  It’s hard to say where these most recent adventures started, but we’ll trace his tracks back to this path, follow me.  Step one, compile five years of unreleased dope music, then add another half-dozen new bangers into a concept album.  The concept? as he explains it is “The album is a Greek tragedy, written in 3 acts. It captures my last 5 years of life, and really heavily focuses on the last 2 years, where 6 people really close to me died within that time frame.”  Realer than real, this album is intense, it’s a lot, it’s his magnum opus. The over all vibe of the record is life is beautiful, even when it’s not, let’s all move to a higher ground.  Step two, pump new album, do shows and fill album pre-order packs with sick perks until your pre-order receipt drags on the ground behind you.

bodi recept

Step Three, book the most inspired globetrotting volunteer adventure to date.   During this trek Bodi will be keeping a journal and will be documenting the entire trip.  Upon his return in 2014, if he doesn’t get eaten by any exotic animals that is, he will put out a professionally produced documentary and book composed of his footage and journal entry’s.  All of the profits from said products will go directly back to the orphanages he volunteered at for as long as they are sold.   He left at the beginning of April and has spent the last three weeks in a Vietnamese orphanage.  I hit him up online yesterday and asked him “Dude, where are you right now and what are you doing?”  he replied ” I just hopped onto a bus and navigated the border crossing out of Vietnam, the process of getting the visa felt like people betting on a cockfight, and now I’m in Cambodia!  Beyond just volunteering, I’ve been interviewing children and their caretakers, taking boatloads of pictures and raising awareness.”  Here’s the whole story on The Volunteer Adventure from the man himself.

While Bodi is out helping the world grow, best believe his ears are open for new sounds and rhythms.  The new albums is amazing but I can’t wait to see what 365 days, 20 countries, 10 orphanages and 1 love, looks, reads and sounds like. ~ Hensley

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