Ciej ~ this dream i had

ceij dream girl framed

Ciej ~ this dream i had

My boy Ciej always drops gems on us.  This new smoothness was inspired by an artist’s subconscious and women in general.  With a Bonita Applebum vibe, Ciej let’s the ladies know they are appreciated… so far I hope you like rap songs…we see you ladies.   Ciej told me about this new track and said,  ” It’s a nice, lovely, jazzy track.  It’s produced by bug seed and just in time for the season of love, flowers, valentines, poems, and more mushy affectionate forms of the like. “this dream i had” is a pretty self explanatory track though, I had a pretty sweet dream about a pretty sweet chick, and I wanted you all to know how it went. So fellas, close your eyes and imagine the best day ever with the girl of your dreams and vibe. Ladies, picture the man of your dreams coming home to yo fine ass and your warm embrace, just like that dream you had.”

ceij slum 2

 ∞ ∞


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