{Crew 932} Noshess ~ the Ultraviolet Beat Tape

jap cover 2

Crew 932 representatives are spread across the country like niceness (or should I say Noshess) is spread across the Ultraviolet Beat tape.  932 members reside in Seattle, Saint Louis, Columbus Ohio and Joliet Illinois. These different regional flavors mix into a bright menagerie of sight and sound.  Not to mention these fools do everything, I’m not even going to list the artistic boundaries they cross on the regular.  They also take on new identities often like chameleons.  I’m not even sure how many of them their are anymore.  I do know Alleyes has been known to perform shoeless and I once saw footage of Paces lift (formerly known as Splitface) riding of the roof of a speeding car like a ninja littering the streets with event flyers.  932 is an eclectic good time.

One of their latest offerings and the second edition of their beat tape series is the aptly named Ultraviolet Beat Tape from producer Noshess.  It’s sexy yet strong vibe is like a bubbly hot tube filled with suicide girls sipping jack on the rocks.  Whether your washing your dishes, preparing for work or getting ready to go out and paint the town ultraviolet, the new Noshess release is 21 minutes of vibed out inspiration.  Respected underground emcees like Copywrite, Illogic and Blueprint have all blessed original tracks from Noshess, hit play on the soundcloud and see why.  Keep in Noshy ~ Hensley

Keep up with Crew 932 here



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