Feel the vibe with JIM’S POOL ROOM

EYECON The Academic – The One ft. CAPO & IntellectEMCEE ~track 3~ from ALMOST NAMELESS

I for one, do not subscribe to the notion of Hip-Hop being dead.  However,  I do think that commercial rap bullshit is flourishing, not everyone can have good taste I guess.  Those of us that expect more than the current fast food rap market can offer,  know where to look and that’s how I found myself at Jim’s Pool Room.

The proprietors of this Midwest crew are EYECON the Academic, Capo and SV.  These three artists run the establishment although, there are many regular players that add to the smokey atmosphere and laid back vibe.  Jai Davis, DJ Trog, Gauge and Intellect Emcee are all frequent collaborators with lifetime bar tabs.   Originally hailing from Boston producer SV is the founder of the crew and according to EYECON “He personifies the spirit of the whole group.”  Making frame of mind music is a standard for JPR. “It’s all about going in the lab, sitting down with some respectable emcees, and writing a track start to finish to a beat that sets the mood. This is the way you get a track that has a soul to it, it connects more than having a topic already picked out” Says Producer/Emcee Capo on the JPR music making process.

capoeyecon PB 2“I love the Boom Bap Sample Driven Filtered out Raw Shit! Some of the Sickest Producers of all time: E Sermon, Dilla, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Large Pro, RZA, Kanye, Madlib, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Easy Mo Bee, DJ Honda that whole class of 90’s Golden Era Producers who set the stage for what Hip Hop can and should sound like.” Capo elaborates.  To me, listening to that concept come to life on a JPR album is like hanging out in your favorite local bar in he dead of winter.  It’s entertaining, comfortable, and where you feel like you should be.  When the albums over, your mood is so much better than it was before.  Like when you stomp out of the bar into the bitter cold and your heavy buzz has you giving a fuck less.

Real talk lyrics cut with tales of redemption and conquest, are balanced nicely with hard knock anthems and party music for the heads.  Emcee and all around businessman EYECON raps in a baritone flow.  He often fits lyrical puzzle pieces together in a way that shouldn’t fit but somehow do.  This tapestry is woven with no hesitation and somehow it all makes perfect sense, it’s truly a style all his own.  Capo’s classic rapper voice and style, even when the guys just talking, speaks with a certain cadence seeming to be in his blood.  These guys grew up with Hip-Hop and it shows.

Bringing a fresh take on Hip-Hop’s foundational vibe, JPR keeps the music state-of-the-art.  EYECON speaking on JPR’s current endeavors, “For 2013 you can expect to see us trying to spread our name to new STL audiences.  There is an EYECON ep on the way called ‘what day is this?’ An album called EYETUNES that is all Capo beats and a multi-disc series called ‘The SV Links’ that’s all SV beats only.”

 “Also, I will be translating rhymes from the future of an earthling named THOUGHTS ORBIT and through and extra terrestrial traveler named Sci(NON)Fi.  The barrier of translating a language from the future and piecing it together after being chopped up in a vortex, makes it hard to release more than a few songs at a time.  It’s like reverse engineering..the first installment of those translations ‘The Terra Firma Chronicles’ is also available on massoccur.Bandcamp.com.  Our catalog has accumulated almost 300 songs in the last 3 or so yrs and not even 100 released yet. People will know who the fuck JPR is by the end of 2013″  Enough of me telling you how Jim’s Pool Room rocks,  I’ll let them tell you themselves. ~ Hensley

How We Rock ~ Jim’s Pool Room ft, Intellect Emcee

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