Photo prodigy Eleanor Leonne Bennett frames life.

Self  portrait entitled ‘Befree’

         When a camera is placed into the proper hands it can be a powerful doorway into emotion.  Hailing from the United Kingdom and still in her teens, Eleanor Leonne Bennett definitely holds a key to unlock some intriguing inspiration.  

      She also has a list of impressive accomplishments that she has been racking up since the age of 11.  These include winning the 2010 UK National Geographic Kids Photography Contest, The World Photography Organization’s youth award for 2010, and the February 2011 winner of Nature’s Best Photography among many other photographic contests.  Not to mention she has also won three National Art contests with the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives.

    With all of these professional accolades Eleanor still keeps her fingers on the pulse of the underground.   She contacted us after all and hand-picked these shots specifically for Locash.  We’re proud of that one and Eleanor definitely shares her talent to good causes. She has also sold her work for charities like Great Ormond Street, Lovedrop, and The Red Cross so we’re in good company.  The ability to say everything without saying a word is truly a gift. 

      In her own words she explains this gift as “It means to express what can’t easily be expressed in words into images of everyday life, to make contemporary art that is accessible to everyone.  I want for my images to please the mind, remind people of childhood or predict emotions of the viewer.  I want to make pictures that can be understood past barriers of language and make photos into art, art works that leaves imprints on the mind.  It will be a hard thing to do but I’ll always try.”  

Check out the shots she sent us and her Zenfolio here. – Hensley


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