^^ THE LOCASH COLLECTIVE ^^ the mixtapes

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Kash ft. Reprezent ~ Bang Bang from vol.2

“You know what the Midwest is? young and rest-less.”- Kanye West, damn right and Locash Magazine is no exception.  We plan on keeping the underground circling until we spin this bitch into a cyclone, this time we’re smashing bandcamp like a trailer park.  We have put together 2 Kill Bill themed mixtapes for your enjoyment.  Vol.1 (((Hattori Hanzo Cuts))) and Vol.2 (((Go-Go’s Secret Tracks))) contain 24 new BANGERS from various artists that have supported us,  many are sneak preview exclusives from albums to be released this summer!  Step 1, turn the volume up to 11, step 2 discover and download what you like, step 3 leave a dollar or whatever you want to support underground MUSIC, JOURNALISM, and ART while giving yourself some good karma, it’s all name your own price, enjoi.   ~Sikboy and the Locash Collective Artists~


Vol.1 Hattori Hanzo Cuts Playlist

M.A. Double ~ Cashed Out

Sci-Fi Delta 9 ft. J-Toth and Tucker Booth ~ When Light Meets Dark

Scrub & Jonezy ~ Don’t Try

Silly j Skills ~ Don’t Be Sleepin

SAV! ~ Cloud Cruisin

Reo Iammusic ~ Heaven’s Angel

Black Caesar ~ Dreamin

Mastermind ~ Adderal

Pancho Rucker ~ A Way Out

Hearz Kra-Z ~ Overload

Jonezy ~ Can’t Stop This

Tucker Booth ft. J-Toth & Huggy Brown ~ Paddy Cake

Vol.2 Go~Go’s Secret Tracks playlist

Stereo Assassin ~ Give the Wizard His Due

Silly J~Skills ~ I Could Be

Bodi ~ Simpleman

Engineers in Your Ear ~ 180 Degrees

Kashflow ft.Reprezent ~ Bang Bang

Lyfestile & Scrub ~ Work Hard Play Hard

Jim’s Pool Room ~ Underground

AV the Aviator ~ Until We Smoke Again

Ceij ~ Cupid’s Bazooka

LMNOP ft Corle 2 Da ~ The Love of Hip-Hop

Men With Beards ft.Black Spade & Sav ~ Gloomy Sunday (Storm Cruisers Remix)

Tucker Booth ~ Rezelection


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