ENGINEERS IN YOUR EAR ~ *Fillin up the clip with a dream*

Engineers in Your Ears ft. Mac Lethal ~ Till the Clouds Run Dry (Pterodactyl Remix)

Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” ~ Confucius, “I’m gonna live till I die.” ~ Frank Sinatra, “Get high as fuck, and tell everyone you love em” ~ Type, all great quotes from great people.   If you take the karma from these quotes, mix it down with progressive hip-hop, EQ a ton of acoustics, and track two rhythmic emcees, you would get the E.Y.E vibe.  E.Y.E brings a good times sound that can easily translate from a bouncing club to a beachside campfire, the Engineers are an undeniable party.  While checking out their new project Ain’t no Sunshine I proclaimed “that’s my favorite track” at least five times and was left with a get up and do some living feeling when it was over.  At times this album can borderline motivational speaking without the douchy tie, cliche quotes or any agenda besides go hard or go home.

Kylo Rich and Purposeflo make up this two-man music machine. Together they write, produce, and mix all aspects of their music, which makes it completely original to them alone.  As far as I can tell they only even sample themselves, who does that shit!  E.Y.E. does and it works.  To discuss a little bit about their Educational Background: Purpose studied musical composition during his Bachelor’s degree at ASU and also mastered recording and engineering techniques at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. Graduating with a 4.0 and obtaining certifications in ProTools, Logic, and Reason, he brings pro level A- game production skills. Kylo compliments their business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing to compliment the foundation of their new business, Engineers in Your Ear Productions, LLC. The final product is Hip-Hop in its essence with driving percussion and effects. Many tracks are heavy on keyboards and guitar (acoustic and electric) which gives it a genre-crossing appeal that both true heads and people who otherwise wouldn’t listen to hip-hop can appreciate.

With tracks modeled after classic artists like The Doors and Bill Withers their influences run deep. Other musicians are only part of what influences the Engineers they both seem to operate on a zen type level of consciousness.   “To me, music is a reflection of all there is. If reality is really different wave lengths of Light and what not, music is the brain’s way of understanding unity through waves. Or something like that” ~ Purposeflo.  Purpose is a Taoist and Kylo is an avid student of nature.   What really seems to drive the engine the most is a circle of energy between the group and their fans.   As they told us” We LOVE our fans! I think we connect with them because we respect them. I don’t think our fans owe us anything, but we owe the fans everything”.

 Last summer’s Ain’t No Sunshine Tour kicked off in the groups original stomping grounds, Arizona. E.Y.E. toured with Bodi, Doctype, and Smash Moody (currently Errol Hem) and they traveled up the West Coast rocking shows in AZ, CA, WA, OR, MT, and CO.  They brought their message to the people and  planted E.Y.E. flags all along the way.  They have also mailed out stacks of free physical copies of their latest album to friends of their facebook page and frequently do contests for free albums and merch.  In turn fans send back pics of themselves with their free goods for an online photo album called E.Y.E and YOU.  They send out positive vibes and it resonates with fans and artists alike,  all of the art in this article are fan submissions  wanting to give back to the symbiotic vibe.

Besides their growing fan base, the Engineers roll with a pretty deep clique of underground artist.  Collaborations with Mac Lethal, Grieves,Type and Eclipse all grace the new album, along with their soulful go to singer Mauricio Whitford.  On the live tip frequent tour mates Bodi and Kristoff Krane are always down to throw down a high energy live set. With energi to spare and a touch of that old enginuity, the Engineers are building a dream on solid ground.  Check them out rockin with Greives on Honest Microphone.  PEACE ~ SIKBOY

Download the new E.Y.E album Ain’t no Sunshine here



  1. Greatly True article, and they are Truly Great artists. I would do anything to get these guys in my area for a show. I especially love the comment after listening to the Aint No Sunshine album, ” was left with a get up and do some living feeling when it was over.” I get this same feeling from this music, and I think it embeds itself in me much more because E.Y.E. respects their fans so much. They have commented on my statuses on FB like we have been friends for a minute, but within my group of friends I’m like, “Yo, someone famous just commented on my status. Count it!” And that’s because we totally respect them and what they do. They truly are on another level.


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