(((Prologue by Farfetched))) ~ The Future is Now

03 Bloom of the Android ~ Loose Screws ~ Prologue

Farfetched is an independent music and art imprint based out of St.Louis, MO. We specialize in creating thought-provoking, honest, and innovative content for all

Featuring Sonic Engineers Sanguinite, Standing Sleep, Scripts and Screws, Midnight Giant, Blank Generation, Wino Willie, Micheal Franco, Scrub, EkleKtrip, Air Haze, Jai & Ebony, Crayon Stars, Whiteout , Kepra, Thelonious Kyrtonite, Symphonique, Port Side and Helen Marie.

Download the debut project PROLOGUE from the new label     ***FARFETCHED***



*Full length feature with Farfetched producer Loose Screws in Locash* *Magazine print Issue #3 coming soon……….. stay tuned ~ Sikboy*


rap with us

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