Reo Iammusic ~ STL young gunner


Reo Iammusic ~ Pursuit of Happiness

Reo Iammusic dropped a ton of videos on us recently from his youtube channel realresistencetv.  There are definitely a few nicely polished gems in there.  Revenge of the Nerds and Pursuit of Happiness are standouts for me.  There is always something awesome when someone melodically sings “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.”  Both tracks are from his ambitious upcoming project The Collage. 

About Reo Iammusic in his own words.  “My style is diverse, I have multiple styles to meet whatever your musical preference is.  Im a regular dude that came up rough and decided to take the high route rather than the down hill slope that most of my peers take.  I love music, Fly ass cars, fre$h ass clothes and evolution…my team (T.R.E x WinnerCircle) is putting on for SaintLouis in a huge way!”  

Right, speak on it homie.  A lot of people say that though, you gotta show and prove right? This is the video that really grabbed my attention.

Any Questions?  Check out his new new shit here ~ PEACE, Sikboy


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