G~Eazy – Welcome to Endless Summer.

G-Easy is one of my favorite new artists period.  His self producing, self promoting, indie grind is a testament to artists everywhere.   Producing his own tracks, his sound is a finely tuned vision. Lacing his own work with slick raps, his finished projects radiate good vibrations like the Beach Boys, in 2012 mode.  It’s been a minute since I’ve seen someone successfully create something so uniquely fresh.  When producing he can be found dusting off decades old records from a golden American music era, and converting them into hip-hop form.  The romanticism and swing of 50’s-60’s Doo-wop and classic rock staples, are captured and blended into a modern sound, without losing their original appeal.

G-Easy hails from Oakland California, which comes through in his music’s breezy demeanor. Currently chillin in New Orleans (but showing up everywhere)  I’m sure the Big Easy adds to the heavy party vibe his projects are laced with.  He has been steadily building a fan based following through midwest club dates and has also graced arena shows with the likes of Lil Wayne and Drake.  G is currently working on finishing school and on a nationwide tour with Mod Sun and Shwayze to self-promote his new album Endless Summer .  Check out the slick first video Runaround Sue.


Fan reports from the road say he’s killin every show.  You can check the tour dates on the official website here.


Download Endless Summer and the whole G-Easy catalog here and name your own price! how cool is that.  ~ stay classy everyone, Sikboy.




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