Pancho Rucker ~ Kurt Cobain Music


       I had never heard of Pancho Rucker untill I met him this summer, now every time I hear one of his tracks I say to myself “Damn! how did you miss this guy?”  Pancho is an intelligent smart ass, which is the most dangerous kind.  He likes to cuss, drink, and rap, and he is masterful at all three.  P Rucks is back this fall and about to drop, in my opinion, his most polished project to date the affectionately named Kurt Cobain Music.  I was privileged enough to get an advanced copy from Shogun Music Group.  The album left me with a feeling similar to when Courtney Love showed me and 10,000 other people her ripped pink panties (while in them) at Lollapalooza 95,  kinda shocked, a little scared, but definitely into it. 

      While a lot of artists in Hip-Hop spend too much time trying to act like they don’t have feelings.  Pancho was busy pouring his into his music with no holds barred and nothing is off the table.  Laughter, anger, love and pain (or lack thereof) are all put in a blender and set to liquify.  The highs or so high that you might need oxygen and lows are beautifully low, I’ve never had this much fun being depressed, this project is impeccably balanced.  If you’re not bipolar now, you could be after you get this album, but hey join the club, it’s fun to laugh and cry at the same time. 

      Lyricly Pancho laces fearless poetic flows with melodic tracks like they were made for each other, because they were.  Producing 10 of the tracks himself he doesn’t skimp on the bass kicks or the rock,  The Red Hot Chili Peppers and System of a Down are nicely sampled and have never quite bumped like this.  14kt and Ola Beatz also contribute musically as Pancho takes us through many of curses and rewards of life including society, relationships, government and religion.  The official release date of this project is Nov. 1st but you can preorder it and check out a couple of tracks on the link below.  This album makes me happy like I found my friends and their in my head, I give it 5 suicide notes written to imaginary childhood friends.  ~ Sikboy 

Album release party link!/event.php?eid=203888936348053



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