Occupy San Franciso – West Coast Warriors.

             In the late night/early morning hours of Oct 5th, SF Police converged on the Occupy San Francisco camp after a 30 min. warning and deemed the infrastructure, tents , tables, chairs a violation of city ordinance. The SF Occupy staff reached out to nearby Occupy Oakland announcing the police were there to take down their camp, and the SF cite numbers doubled within half an hour, Go fuckin OAKLAND!!!

              Still the riot gear outfitted police formed a perimeter around their supplies preventing the Occupiers from saving anything while Public Works employees confiscated everything throwing it all in city trucks.  Eyewitnesses say many of the officers and public employees obviously looked sympathetic to the cause, but one officer (#4014) alledgedly told multiple protesters  “I can’t wait to get the chance to bust your face in.”  Check out these photos from the incident, they are from the whole day the police show up about half way through.   Photo’s by occupier Smedly  


              Several trucks were loaded with Protesters personal property and supplies, even their food and water.  As the trucks were set to roll out they were blocked by the SF/Oakland Occupying force chanting ” This land is our land, We will not be moved!”  The Police eventually rolled away with the goods, even after SF board of Supervisors member John Avalos showed up to defend the right to peacefully assemble.

              Here’s the # to the Lawyers Guild for all occupySF protesters 415-285-1011.  Donations are needed immediately to rebuild the camp which THEY ARE STILL AT !  A recent paypal account was shut down, but visit the home page for more info and updates.  Let’s get behind our fellow Americans as they battle for economic justice in California, one of the top 10 largest economy’s on earth. 







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