The Frozen Food Section ~ Swingin Battle Axes

Frozen Food Artist Underated Ft. Creep “Uhh Ohh”

Jonathan Toth From Hoth and Tucker Booth battled the heat this summer by spreading the frozen word from Saint Louis to L.A. and many spots along the way.  Created in 1999 their first official release Jonathan Toth from Hoth’s Brainwashing was released in 02.  Starting from the brain trust of Artist/Producer/Engineer J-Toth and Artist/PR director Tucker Booth, the Frozen Food umbrella now covers around 20 artist with styles galore.  Since its conception the FFS has released over 40 projects from various artist.  From Digital to CD’s and Vinyl, you can pick up nearly a decade of spirited indie Hip-Hop here also many projects are available for free download at the crews various bandcamp sites I’ll list below.

This year brought 3 official ice-cold releases from the FFS as well as some mixtapes being circulated by Tucker.  Kamatoth Cocktails with Kama from the Earthworms the Men With Beards album produced by new Frozen producer Mike G and The Book Of Toth, the 4th solo release from J-Toth.  “I love pressing music, although it’s not always possible, some products are digital.  We make as much music as possible and then pick through what sounds good”  proclaims Toth.

The newer Frozen label mates Tax Free, Tenacious the Terrist and Underated all have new releases in the works all mastered at The Cooler the infamous FFS studio/HQ in the heart of the U-City Loop in Saint Louis.  As for the new talent Toth says “We’re into finding good talent that wants to excel at just being good, we try to consistently crank out good, original, precedent setting music.  We want to keep out name in people’s mouths and our music in their ears,  We’re the Frozen Food Section it only gets better!”  The FFS is definitely making moves including a shiny new website on the way.

On the West Coast front FFS West Director Tucker Booth has taken it back to his roots and that is playing Guitar in the streets and emcee battle mode at a fever pitch.  Winning the S.L.U.M.fest 2011 battle in STL this summer and last month’s Sounds of the Cave battle in L.A., Tucker’s on a winning streak with another L.A. battle scheduled in October.  Check out these rounds in L.A. Tucker Booth Vs. Profane from Hustle or Die.

       This battle spawned a mix tape session with Tucker and the Hustle or Die Crew featuring Profane,Gambit and C.A.  San Pedro, CA.  emcees with a strong following of their own.  “It took everything I had and then some to beat these guys, 9 rounds with Gambit 5 with Profane, I was sweating it all the way.  We had many extra rounds, it was often to close to call it”  Tuck Truth also appeared on the Sounds of the Cave internet radio show on the  network.   Also on that network is the Radio Sendiddy show which Tucker has Co-hosted several times with Dj and Radio personality Dj Bob-E. (see in articles)

       As for playing guitar in the streets Mr. Fly Folk Rapper as he’s sometimes known says “It’s a round about way to break into the business, but it’s still bearing fruit.”  I have also heard many times from Tucker that it just something he loves doing.   Playing at Farmer’s Markets is how he met Dj Bob-E and it gives him an outlet to sell FFS CD’s and promote his shows and besides who doesn’t like tips for doing something you love?

All this recent activity has been documented by videographer Blu, who has been bombing You Tube like a B-52, with footage of all the battles, radio shows, and mix tape sessions.  A new Video blog by Tucker and Blu called Suffering Lessons had also recently hit the web.  The new Video series interviews of emcee’s from everywhere remembering their favorite battles along with exclusive footage and each one ends with an on the spot freestyle session with each guest.

“I’m super stoked about my new video blog Suffering Lessons and the whole idea of remembering rap battles (big or small) from throughout hip hop history. I know that I have played a microscopic but nonetheless entertaining role in the development of St. Louis’s talented battle rap scene and look forward to carrying the torch as most unfuckwitable emcee on into my proper middle age. Can you imagine a 40-year-old man still whipping 20 year olds at battling? Think Jay-Z except goofy and white and autistic…..WTF???   Tucker says about the new project.

         You can check it at The FFS has been putting in some serious work and it’s polished like James Brown’s shoe’s.   Anybody like free music? Check out the Frozen Bandcamps here,  Much love ~ Sikboy



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