Tucker Booth on Killradio.org

       Frozen Foods Section Artist and Director of PR, Tucker Dale Booth (TDB) recently appeared on the Radio Sendiddy show with Dj BoB-e,  which is on L.A.’s most unruly anti-corporate internet radio network Killradio.org.  This 3 hours escapade starts with some Amy Winehouse talk and is followed by some brand new tribute music from Big Shug of the GangStaar camp in celebration of Guru’s 50th birthday.  Through out the show Tucker and Bob-e drink and play tracks from Tucker’s whole discography from the early “Will rap 4 Food” album to the Brand new “Men With Beards” project.  Tucker also speaks on the History of the Frozen Foods Section and his partners Jonathan Toth from Hoth and the late, great Helias.  Tucker also kills 2 freestyle sessions over X-cutioner instrumentals and closes out the show with some acoustic jams a Nina Simone/Fugee’s medley and the frozen classic “Smoke Blunts.” 

         Being a Frozen Foods Section/STL ambassador Tucker spreads plenty of Midwest love throughout the show not only to Locash Magazine and the SLUMfest organization but also his Frozen label mates Jonathan Toth of course as well as Jonezy and Hearz Kra-z.  His Men With Beards counterparts are also represented Mike G, Dusty Wallets and Black Spade are talked about.  It’s a hella entertaining 3 hours you can down load it here under the get mp3 link at the bottom and be sure to check out the Sendiddy show and  Killradio.org




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