RED ZERO ~ Beats for Eats food drive show


Red Zero is throwing a concert to raise awareness about hunger and the availability of healthy food in St. Louis.  The goal is to raise money and provide food for Operation Food Search while providing quality entertainment from some of Saint Louis’s best artists. The show is on October 1, 2011 2-7pm in the parking lot on the northeast corner of the intersection of Delmar and Kingshighway. There is a suggested $5 donation or a non-perishable food item.  Also performing Savage Sun, Mathias, Plan B, Midwest Avengers, the 12-6 Movement and Tef Poe.   You can contact Zach Chasnoff at 314-780-3734 or for more information.

“We shouldn’t see ourselves as city folk or county folk, we should see ourselves as Americans working towards making America good, that’s what it’s about.” ~ Adverb Superb ~Red Zero

“Hip-Hop is primarily an urban art form and we want to try to bring some awareness to our dependence on the rural landscape. We want to break that division down in particular. There’s been a wedge intentionally placed between rural folks and city folks and we want to do away with that.” ~ Andy ~ Red Zero

“Like Pharside said, we kick something that means something.” ~ Original Sin ~ Red Zero

As a band Red Zero are a damn good time, and their activism puts them on a different level.  Move with the Red Zero movement and let’s build, the official event link is below.  You can check the rest of this interview in Issue 2 of Locash Magazine – The SLUMfest edition available in the side bar, Holla if ya hear me. ~ Sikboy

{{{{Event Link }}}}!/event.php?eid=177806202290598


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