SLUM Fest Interviews : Hears Kra-Z a.k.a. Optimus Grind

Hears Kra-z ~ Red Pill

       HEEEEEEAAAARRRRSSSS   KRRAAAAAAAAZZZZEEEEEE!!  is one of the most colorful and talented people I know,  he can rap, he can sing, he can dance, ( O.k. I don’t know about the dancing) he can act……… a wild card, with all the launch codes, but what he defiantly does have, is a rapid fire flow that he can smooth out at will to create a hook that will instantly embed itself into your membranes,  it always makes for good art when smart people are creative.  Kra-z is one of the most sought after collaborators in the Saint Louis area, and producers never hesitate to hook him up.  Even when he’s not performing he’s just a naturally entertaining person, get him on the mic and it’s ridiculous, Kra-z even.  Here’s part of our conversation at SLUM fest after a few beers.

Sikboy:  So how do you want to start this interview Kra-z?

Hears Kra-z:  Hey, hey, hey…..yeah!  hearz Kra-z we love him.

Sik:  Ahhhhaha yeah that guy’s awesome!  o.k o.k. what’s your next project and how can we get that.?

Kra-z:  The next project is called Freedumb, it’s gonna be available online there are a couple of tracks on my bandcamp site now, I’ll also do some physical copies and bang those motherfuckers out.  It was gonna be about 15 tracks but I’m gonna slim it down to the tightest ones 8-10 probably.  I’m also gonna have a site called coming soon so watch out for that.  Man, you got me lookin at the recorder thing like its alive, hhahhaaa.

Sik:  Alright man you hold it, Mr I is fuckin loud right now so talk loud while you describe your music.

Kra-z: (extra loud) Ahh man, I go with the beat really, and I try to find certain beats that go with a certain feeling, then I just follow it, whether it’s rap, funk, R&B any shit like that it’s whatever.  We’re doing a project with Screws from Scripts and Screws called Blank Generation, and that’s just an amalgam of all different types of shit all styles, were tryin to get a little Chili Peppers in there, it’s uh a melting pot of music it’s like a musical masturbation, your always gonna get off.

 I highly recommend you download Kra-z’s debut album “Carnival of sols” along with some other gems for free at

      My final 2 Slumfest interviews with Black Spade and Red Zero are in print in the Official S.L.U.M. fest 2011 Rap-up magazine presented by the Locash Collective, which available in the side bar .  A comprehensive reflection on the festival as told by myself (Sikboy) and featuring a managere of submitted photography by Saint Louis’s hottest professional and amateur photographers, we’re comin through the revolution is beautiful.  Holla ~ Sikboy


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