Men With Beards ~ The Dark Side ep

Men With Beards ~ Any Color You Like


      As our planet spins, the lunar trajectory shifts and a very specific domain is created on the Earth’s only natural satellite.  In this dark and hazy atmosphere of low gravity and high fidelity you can find the Men With Beards, and they cordially invite you to walk with them on a journey of sound and enlightenment called “The Dark Side Ep.”   This eclectic group of artist which includes nearly a dozen members, is the brain trust of MikeGDAMMIT of  “Waiting For The DJ” fame.  Mike orchestrates all the tracks which are mixed and mastered by Jonathan Toth from Hoth.  This duo keeps it bouncy and fly you through the stratosphere with no fear of falling. 

       The 8-track Ep follows the template of the classic “Dark Side of The Moon” album by Pink Floyd, layed gently into 808 kicks and seductive high-hat lines backed by pianos and angelic melody.   Lead vocals this time out are handled masterfully by S.L.U.M. fest 2011 battle Champion Tucker Booth who is accompanied by Chicago poet Harold Green, also making an appearance on “Gloomy Sunday” is the one and only Black Spade.  This ep takes you where you didn’t know you wanted to be, but your sure glad you got on that spaceship.   This project was very recently released on bandcamp under the ultra cool “name your own price” system, so cost wise it comes down to “are you a good tipper?”  The Dark Side Ep is a preamble to the full length Lp coming soon from the BLK MKT/Frozen Foods Section camp of which our bearded heroes pledge alligence.  Check out the first video “Memories Burned” from the full length LP.

Memories Burned (Hi Contrast Cut) from MikeGDammit! on Vimeo.

To download “The Dark Side Ep” grab your debit card and drop whatever makes you feel good at


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  1. great write up mr. hensley! also everybody can holler at me on facebook ( if they want a limited edition copy of ‘men with beards’ the full length follow up to ‘the dark side ep’

    trust me: you want to take the ride…….tdb


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