S.L.U.M. fest coverage: Pancho Rucker and Kid Evil

Pancho Rucker ~ LeeMeBee

      Pancho Rucker is a true Saint Louis young gunner, with clever as hell lyrics that pack plenty of “oooooh shit” punch lines, you cant help but to listen to what he’s talking about.   He’s got party tracks that showcase his ability to rap mixed with some deep (real deep) emotional music, the kind you can feel.  I only met him once and after watching  his You Tube catalog I feel like I know him.   Conceptual videos and production along with his sense of artistry, makes him a standout.  I caught him and Kid Evil just minutes after Their S.L.U.M. fest performance and this is what they told us.

       Sikboy:  Tell me a little bit about your music and what you guys are doing out here today.

       Pancho Rucker:  “It’s our first time at slumfest and were very pleased to be a part of it.  Basically if I had to put a finger on our music it might be old Ice Cube mixed with Outcast, It’s hard to put a label on really,  I make life music, it’s all about that, something you can dance to, something you can think about, something that really has substance, I feel like the game right now is lacking that”.

       Sikboy:  Right on, tell us about some of your projects, and what you’re working on now.

      Pancho:  “Ok, the first project is on datpiff.com it’s called “Better Than You On Your Shit 2” it’s also on STLmixtapes.com , I’m working on a project right now with them called “Fuego”, also I’m working on a project called Kurt Cobain music it’s a themed mixtape, it’s not all rock music but it touches on a lot of the things Nirvana really touched on”.

      Sikboy:  So you’re talking about their lyrical content, that’s dope.  Kid Evil you handle the production, do you spin also?

      Kid Evil:  “Yes, I’m a turntablist first, a producer second, we both produce, most projects are 50/50 every now and then we do a feature with someone else but it’s typically us two.”

Check out Pancho goin off at S.L.U.M.fest  just minutes before I talked to him.

You can download “Better Than U on Ur Shit Too” here


or check out his project “No Bullshit Allowed” with Mr. Skip-a-Beat


Don’t sleep on P. Rucker!!!!! ~ Sikboy






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