Whiteout releases 51 songs in 51 weeks

Song #51 ~ Float

      The vibe of Whiteout’s music is similar to the feeling you get when it’s Friday of a hard work week and your walking to the time clock to punch out, it’s refreshing, exciting and stress relieving.  Speaking of work he puts in plenty of that between a couple of nice mixtapes this year “Kick ass Week Shit” and “The WO and RT Show” with his partners in rhyme the Doorway618 crew, he has dropped a new track every week for 51 weeks!  Whiteout’s music is such a good time it’s almost hard to call it work, was is work for Jordan to play ball? or for Tiger to golf and bang waitress’s? No, it’s a well honed craft but they could do it at will. We recently asked whiteout about his process.

      Sikboy:  Whiteout 51 songs in 51 weeks, what’s your process?

      Whiteout:   Well to be honest, the process has been really sporadic and random at times, but controlled at others, like a planned chaos if you will. Roughly I would say I make about 8-12 songs a month. I love making music, and trying new things, and I have my own professional studio, so I always have it at my fingertips. It got too a point last July where I said to my manager Cory Rose, “I wanna put out a song a week, just cause”. We had a lot of material, but we didn’t have rights to everything, or we knew not everything was gonna go on album or particular project, so we figured, why not!?!? We figured it was good promotion, and hopefully by week 52 we would have made progress. So throughout this whole process, I really haven’t changed a thing I do. I just continue to make music, but the trick to releasing the music is all about timing and selection. I never want to give away too many songs from a certain project, so sometimes I put out a song that somebody had me featured on, or I put out a song to a soundclick beat I may not own, just mix it up, all the while still holding off on plenty of “New” or “Unreleased” material to put on the albums and mixtapes, while still putting out new material that grabs new fans attention. I’ve been putting out a song every Friday, and I noticed that over each weekend I get at least 10 new Facebook friends and Twitter Followers, so it’s helping. I’m not sure if we’re gonna go past week 52, but it sure has been a fun trip, and a great way to monitor my progress over the last year, which is great. We went from no projects, minimal shows, no radio plays, and no videos; too releasing 3 projects so far in 2011, gracing almost every STL Stage, going on tour, multiple radio spins, and music videos, it’s just fun to see. All the songs of the week are on our youtube channel which is AUDIO UG, and then all my projects, and my latest one “The RT and WO Show” with my partner RT-FaQ are on www.doorway618.com for free download, you can also check out some of the music videos there as well.

Whiteout and the Doorway crew are definitely on their 618 grind, join the party. ~ Sikboy

       Locash Magazine is currently taking photo submissions for the official S.L.U.M fest Magazine presented by the Locash collective.  Specifically performance pics of Whiteout and Rt-faq you can drop them on or tag them to this nerds facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000415552206 if we print it we will gladly give you photo credit so please include your name.  We pride ourselves on being an underground collective, so that’s you, holla at us.


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