S.L.U.M fest Coverage: Jia Davis

4$alebutnot4$ale ~ Crazy

        Saint Louis’s favorite blockstar Jia Davis is a busy guy these days, what’s he doin? Representin like none other.  He is currently is 3 groups as well as working on a solo project, all makin major waves in the show-n-prove Saint Louis scene.  Jia has been makin top shelf midwest music for a long time now, some call him a local legend or Saint Louis’s best kept secret, but fuck that I’m tellin everybody, Jia Davis is the truth he embodies Hip-Hop and he’s earned every stripe he’s got.  He gave us a couple of minutes of his time between his two sets at S.L.U.M. fest. 

      Sikboy:  Jai Davis Saint Louis underground, alot of people say legend, you’ve been doing it a long time and you got a lot of fans where you at these days?

      Jia:  Doin a lot of different things, from Bits-n-Pieces, 4$alebutnot4$ale, I’m an F5 records artist there’s a Committee Nation project in progress, workin on my album it’s a new, new project I’m ready to rip the stage up tonight and hold Saint Louis down.

     Sikboy:  What’s your new project called?

     Jia:  It’s doesn’t have a set title yet but there’s a lot of fun music on it.  The 4$alebutnot4sale album was just released it’s called “Out the Crates”, the “Heavy In the Streets” album is almost done from Committee Nation, workin on mixtapes, workin on videos , it’s goin down SLUMfest STL 2011 know what I mean, It’s like a who’s who of Saint Louis underground Hip-Hop, everybody’s startin to get noticed.

     Sikboy:  There seems to be a big vibe of unity here today, for the scene and the city, would you agree?

     Jia:  Yeah, yeah it’s big for Saint Louis period, you normally don’t see this, everything is good!

Jia Davis has many killer projects goin on you can cop the brand new 4$alebutnot4$ale album here


as for the rest he says it best himself

Jai Davis and Committee Nation ~ GOINZONE


Issue #2 Locash X S.L.U.M fest coming soon to a smokehouse near you


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