S.L.U.M. fest coverage: MME (Musical Mastermind Entertainment)

TEIAM (the I in team) ~ by M.M.E.

Musical Mastermind Entertainment A.K.A. MME is quickly becoming a standout in the Midwest’s freshman class, like Mitch Kramer in Dazed and Confused they’re cool and talented enough to roll with the seniors.  With 4 emcees and one singer they have the depth to explore many angles of one subject.  Young, hungry and talented is a lethal combination, and with the sizable local fan base they are already building they have their eyes on outer space.  We caught up with MME at S.L.U.M.fest in Saint Louis and this is what they had to say.

Sikboy: Broken down to basics what is your music about?

Muhammed Mastermind Austin: “Our music is a combination of our feelings projected mainly through Hip-Hop, then we have an R&B singer.  It’s about our everyday life and our struggle trying to make it in this music industry, and just connecting with everybody”.

        Lyrique:  “It’s pretty much, real life as real as it can get,  we’re not out her stuntin, like were gangsters or anything like that, were talkin about who we are and who were tryin to be”.

       Sikboy:  Right on, what’s your next project and how can we get it?

Lyrique:  “Our next project is comin out this summer late July or early August called Sing for Free, Sell for Food, it’s the first R&B project comin out from MME, look for that comin out real soon.  You can stay tuned to me on Twitter, follow me at Lyriquemme”

       Muhammed Mastermind Austin:  “Also I got a project called ADD (Artistically Day Dreamin) written and produced by myself, it’s comin out on Greedmontpark.com a company out of Atlanta so watch for that also, it’s MME till the mother lovin death of me”.

      To keep up on official MME business check these links



Stay tuned for more S.L.U.M. fest interviews with Black Spade, Red Zero, and more right here, and we are hard at work putting together the Official SLUMfest Rap-up Magazine presented by the Locash Collective, Holla ~ Sikboy



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