***PRINTS NOT DEAD*** the physical copies

Click to purchase or preview Issue 1

 Locash Anthem One by M.A. DOUBLE

In the past couple of years I have heard the printed word is dead, along with Punk and Hip-Hop.  To this I reply “Are you fucking kidding me?”   It’s hard to keep a good movement down and some things never go out of style, like tangible products you can hold in your hands.  I consider myself a collector, who goes to the local record store and buys vinyl, CD’s, books, and magazines.  No matter what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates say, you should always have the option.  That being my opinion, along with my relentless pursuit of upgrading has prompted me to launch Locash Magazine into printed form where I always intended this version of the movement to be.   We are proud to announce the arrival of issue 1 “The New Math”

Issue 1 “The New Math” click to purchase or preview

Issue 1 is a 56 page booklet printed in full color with thick glossy paper its solid like the great wall of China.  Also available as a PDF download if you choose, either way it’s a content heavy periodical filled with heavy content.  Original writing from Myself, (Sikboy) and my partner Orlando Escobar takes you inside artist’s minds and souls.  Issue 1 features two layouts, the first from edgy fashion photographer Henry Navarro his eye for style and amazing models blaze up 10 full size pages.  Layout 2 brings the visual funk of Jim Mahfood a.k.a. Food One whose unprecedented style has been blowing up Los Angeles in a major way.

Snow Li for Henry Navarros Lensexposure
Pop Life by Food One

 Also 6 full length articles complete with pics feature the hottest Hip-Hop acts in the Midwest underground Including DJP, The Frozen Food Section, Jonezy, Savage Tribe, Rhyme University and the Super Delegates.  Born and raised in the Midwest our travels have taken us many places, but that Midwest dirt is embedded in our life essence.  As we explore new scenes and genres our experiences will transcribed directly to these pages.  We don’t believe in boundaries and explore art in all mediums music, paint, photography or anything that moves us can make it in.  Madly dedicated to the truth of the underground we welcome submissions, you can drop them at Locash314@hotmail.com or the facebook page on the top menu.   And so it begins, in the future will be proud to have caused the headline…… “The revolution was sparked in the Midwest” ~ Sikboy – Locash Gambino


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