“Tucker Booth for President”

Frozen Foods Section director of public relations

        Tucker Booth is back on the champagne trail,  kissin baby’s mama’s  and shaken your hand-held devices.  Tucker Dale Booth is an anomaly,  hanging out with him is like rollin in a coup de ville with Bill Clinton,Jim Morrison and Mac Lethal all in one person.  Being a beast on the microphone paired with his larger than life persona has allowed him to build a genre of music unique to him alone.   Growing up in Portland, coming up in Saint Louis, and currently living it up in Redondo Beach he’s seen it all, although he is no privileged frat boy he has alway’s earned his keep.  Roofing , selling records, performing and playing acoustic guitar for tips in front of  Ben and Jerry’s on Delmar Ave. Tucker would cover songs from Green day and Oasis to Nelly and Kanye West as well as take freestyle topic requests from passers-by.  Valeting in downtown STL marked a rocky point in his life, he spun the yarn of that tale in 06’s album “Valet an underground banger and a fan favorite.

 Tucker is formerly the director of Public Relations for the Frozen Foods Section (FFS) one of the midwest’s premier indie record labels with 8 years and 30 albums to its credit he is one of  the label’s original artist’s and promoters. (Be shure to check out Frozen Foods Section.com link by clicking the above image)  He also worked at the Starfish Activity Center in California where he teaches kids music and movement.   As well as a new album this year (click image below to listen to Ex-Boyfriend) Frozen Foods West has also been launched in California where he resides as C.E.O.  The new FFS office  handles west coast distribution and artist developement, while his partner in rhyme  Jonathan Toth from Hoth  holds down the FFS headquarters in Saint Louis.

Tucker Dale Booth in full swag mode

Next time I see that motherfucker I’m clubbin him/like he’s a baby seal and I’m a rightwing republican”   This is one of the first lines from “Ex-boyfriend”  Tucker’s 4th full length solo album.   This is a special project for many reasons, the first being it is an 8 chapter concept album that listens like a movie.  The excellent production and rich storyboard lyrics take you on a journey of love, loss and redemption as well as  strip clubs, hung over job interviews, police encounters and on stage debauchery.  The second reason is the players involved, the way it came about and almost never was.

       The story starts is Saint Louis 2006.  Tucker Booth and FFS producer/Lojic Dj  Helias silently roll through a dark alley both of them have been dumped by their girlfriends in the same weekend.  They pull up to a half empty south side apartment and go in.  Emotionally confused and full of angst,  the duo sit in the quiet apartment literally surrounded by evidence of a broken relationship.  Helias a.k.a Drum Machine King steps up to one of the few things left in the place an sp1200 and begins drumming.  His usual punk rock approach amplified by a myriad of emotion flowing through his fingertips.  A few feet away Tucker sits on a flight case of records with a six-pack at his feet filling page after page with lyrics as if the pen is moving itself.  After partying and writing for a few nights with no one calling them asking “where are you?” they realize they have a whole album behind them, but are not shure if it will ever see the light of  day.

      Throughout the next year Helias misses several studio sessions to work on the album.  Believing the project is worth pursuing, Tucker eventually drunk dials his friend to ask “wtf”.  To which Helias replies he’s over the project and is redistributing the beats.  Word hits the streets about new Drum Machine King beats available and his phone rings off the hook as usual.  As Helias goes to burn the wav files for his clients he discovers that his laptop has had a catastrophic crash and has erased the entire project.   At this point the “Ex-Boyfriend” project is beyond not happening, not mention no one gets those beats.  This prompts Tucker to bury his notebook from the sessions deep in a closet ironically like a picture of an old girlfriend.  The two friends squash the issue as usual and move on it’s 2008.

DJ Helias a.k.a Drum Machine King

In January 09  Helias is dropped off at the airport by J-toth and on a flight to Maryland,  being a nervous flyer he has a couple of pre-flight drinks.   A flight attendant asks him to close his laptop so he does upon finishing what he’s doing, which takes a moment.   When she returns she demands he close his computer and asks hastily if he needs anything else, to which he replies “Are you the one that check’s for shoebombs?”.  He is promptly dragged off the plane on his face by federal agents while proclaiming “I’m not a terrorist just an asshole!!” he get’s a 6 month bid for the incident.   Tucker looking for a way to cheer his friend up upon his release, he reaches out to Helias’s good friend and fellow artist Splitface from 932 crew with an idea.  He floats the idea of them finishing “Ex-Boyfriend” as a tribute to their jailed friend.  Reluctant at first to finish his friend’s project Split has Tucker get Helias’s permission through correspondence.  Helias sends word that he would have no one but Splitface finish the project.  After the green light is given the two get to work on the revamped endeavor.  Splitface programs 7 bangin new beats and Tucker lays down the lyrics he’s been trying to get out there for the past two years, just like that, the album is off to the presses.

     Month’s later Helias is released, hype on his friends new project and rejuvenated by his  freedom he gets back to life and moves to Baltimore where he has fresh start and a new wife Michelle.   Sadly he passes away in a tragic accident shortly after moving there, his friends and all of Saint Louis are crushed.  The local press runs multiple stories on his life and music and a STL all-star tribute show is performed where his fans, friends and family celebrate his life to an adoring crowd with all the proceeds going to the Remembering Micheal Schafermeyer aka Helias foundation which goes to his wife and family(contact Tuckerbooth@hotmail.com for info).  With no other choice Tucker, Jonathan and split soldier on it’s 2009.

 Later in 09 J-Toth is in the basement of the infamous FFS studio “The Cooler” doing some cleaning.  Stacking boxes he comes across a dusty spool of  100 burned cd’s,  removing them one by one and finding nothing good he comes to literally the last disk it reads XBF wav’s in Helias’s unmistakable handwriting.  Trying not to pass out from excitement he calles Tucker at FFS West and both offices throw parties in anticipation of releasing  one of their most important projects to date the “Ex-Files” with the original beats from that lost week in 06.   Tucker digs out verses from the same notebook from 06 that are not on the Splitface version and recruits Helias’s friends including Huggy Brown, the Earthworms,Intellect emcee and J-Toth to round out the “new” album.   The new tracks are being released one at a time, and the album will be available in its completed form by the new year. You can check on its progress here http://ex-files.bandcamp.com/.  The first single “Me and Lorenzo” embodies that classic Tucker Booth mojo over Helias bringin a swingin retro style funk.  The proceeds from this project will also go to the Helias remembrance foundation.  As well as the “Ex-Files”  the original tracks will also be released as an instrumental version for his friends and fans to remix into infinity.

        On the horizon for Tucker Booth he is writing a book about his time with Helias in the Saint Louis underground scene, also working on production for a comedic reality style DVD about himself training for the next Survivor, his cousin was runner-up to a million dollars on the last Samoa edition.   On the music front he has 2 albums to be released later this year “Acoustic bum rap” and a  25 song sequel to 2005’s “Tucker Booth for president” called “RezElection”.  You can catch Tucker spreading the word in a district near you – Sikboy


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