Super Delegates – “The only votes that count”

Scrub and M.A. Double are “The Super Delegates”

After years of  anonymous shot calling and leaving the public to wonder if they really exist, the Super D’s have stepped out of the shadows to grab the popular vote.  The new album “Too Big to Fail” is slated to be made public record  October 28th 2010.  This project has created a buzz like the stickiest midwest homegrown.  With tones of euphoria, paranoia, inspiration and the ability to see through  the system “Too Big to Fail” is a whole new way to sway a swing state (Click above image to check it out).   With Scrub on vocals, Missouri’s favorite people’s champ since Jesse James, he ranges from pretty funny to pretty disturbing.  Adding ultra creative mad chemist M.A. Double on the knocks creates a potent mix tight enough to be placed on the tip of an umbrella and delivered into any opposing agents with ease.

  Keeping up on foreign relation’s the first video “Six feet away” takes us through London,Paris and the festivities of Queen’s day 2010 in Amsterdam.   “Too Big to Fail”  is the second “official” release from Saint Louis Indy label 9-ball entertainment.  With many projects in the works including a full line of T-shirts with original art from movement founder Dr.not,  9- ball ent. is rollin hard.  To see more from them check the 9-Ball ent homepage at .  Take it sleazy,Sikboy— LoCash C.E.O.


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