Cali Miles is pure cane SUGAR – Ft. B-Boy Bobby Champagne, Jemini and Danny Wells


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Cleveland songbird Cali Miles drops us a couple rhymes on her new track Sugar ft. her people B-boy Bobby Champagne, Jemini and Danny Wells. This Ohio crew comes together on catchy, bouncy track produced by Yung Zup that you might catch your girlfriend singin along with.  It’s a twinge poppy, but Zup and the lyricist keep it at a right level of wrongness with some good drums and sex talk, like an icey glass of Kool-Aid with a healthy shot of Grey Goose.  Also did you notice she’s gorgeous?

cali miles 2

Ahem, sorry I got distracted. Back to the platter at hand. Cali rolls with a Cleveland collective dubbed The Bomb Squad. Around 20 members deep, their talents range from music, to promotions, to dance and a hot troop of models that melt the icing right off the cake,  basically they throw the party, then bring the party.  Yo, put me on the list Cali!

Cali has incorporated her vision into a colorful mixture of entertainment services. “One of the huge differences between Cali Miles Inc and other firms is our facility has an in house dance studio, recording studio, a talent agency, marketing dept. and we have promoted our own music and shows in theaters, movies, and arenas worldwide” –

cali bomb squad



G-Eazy drops his most ambitious project to date ‘These Things Happen’


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g eazy these gif

After putting out free music and touring since 2010, and several hundred thousand downloads later, G-Eazy has just revealed his long-awaited, highly anticipated, and what seems like his debut album These Things Happen.  In reality this is his 5th full length project, and this time around G has transcended into full retail status available on itunes and also on vinyl, (Yes!) online and at record stores near you.

The new digs is 16 tracks strong and features artists such as A$AP Ferg, E-40, Jay Ant, Remo and many more.  Three slick, stylistic as always, official video’s had already racked up 4.5 Million views before the album even came out! The vibe throughout the project can only be described as G-Eazy keepin it as G-Eazy as ever.  That’s how much of a niche this dude has carved out for himself.

It’s awesome to see an artist winning the battle for music’s integrity against the industry shark tank, taking his own bite out the game, and blowing up independently. “I’ve got a lane and I’m in gear/people say who’s next up/that conversation really ends here”  G- flows with braggadocio on the lead off single I Mean It and he does.  It definitely goes to show that raw talent, genuine style, and hard work are still valuable commodities.


With His self producing, self promoting, indie grind G-Eazy has become one of my favorite artists period.  He could have been a sensation with his production alone but, lacing his own work with slick rhymes, and his James Dean of rap style brings his vision into a finely tuned brand.

His edgy love songs mixed with uber swag, live the life jams make his music something uniquely fresh.  When producing he can be found dusting off decades old records from a golden era of American music magic, he then hooks a beat up and converts it into hip-hop form.

The romanticism and swing of 50’s-60’s Doo-wop and classic rock staples, are captured and blended into a modern sound without losing their original appeal.  His finished projects radiate good vibrations like the Beach Boys, possessed by the Beastie Boys, with the added luxury of modern toys. Apparently, these things happen. – Hensley






L-Dro – Gettin 2 Tha Money


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Akron Ohio’s L-Dro is on it with some brand new heat.  The first single Gettin 2 Tha Money from the In Us We Trust Mixtape was just released and is motivational to put it lightly. Whatever your job is play this track before you go. The new project is due out in July and features the infamous DJ Drama.

After last summers Drohio mixtape with Don Cannon, L is ready make moves with some brand new sounds and focus is on his side. Gettin 2 Tha Money is hypnotic and the lyrics are alpha rap with the peddle on the floor, all green lights.  Once again the Nerve Dj laced us with a NERVpak download to up the value of your Serato files.

L dro snip

Follow L-Dro At @Drohio330 Twitter/Instagram

Dub-O releases hot new project “Old Lights New Lights” #Cleveland


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dub-o old lights

Cleveland scene smasher Dub-O just released his second full project “Old Lights New Lights.” Since lighting fires last summer with his debut “Do I Know You?” Dub has been going hard on rhymes, style, and quality product.  I’m still knockin his shit from last summer like “Paid” and “Moves To Make” but this hot of the presses for 2014 shit, is when hella good, got great.

“Old Lights New Lights” is 13 tracks of niceness, no skipping necessary, hit play and you’re good for 46 minutes.  The first single”Dope” is loud as hell, accompanied by a loud video, talking loudly about loud ass chronic in parallel to his loud music. There’s no hidden meaning here. It is what it is. Ya heard?

Dub-O represents the Est. 19XX crew founded by Interscope artist Machine Gun Kelly, which also includes Cleveland hitters Ray Jr. and Tezo.  You can catch Dub-O and Tezo live right now on their Canada/North  American tour Guilty For Grinding.  You can also cop an I’m Guilty pack for $35, which includes V.I.P. show access, meet and greet, Dub’s album, Tezo album, tour poster and a tour shirt.  Here’s the dates.  Knowledge is power, now go rock out with the EST. 19XX crew! – Hensley

dub o tour

Only one copy of the new Wu-Tang Clan double album “The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” will be released.


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Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

The worlds most prolific Rap group has a secret.  For the past six years members of the Wu-Tang Clan have been sporadically disappearing for short spells, sometimes in groups, sometimes by ones.  When a group of that magnitude stays quite for that long, tradition tells us tell something’s coming. On the eve of the new moon in the 20th year since Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers,) the saga continues.

Operating in the shadows and flawlessly displaying discipline in its purest form, The Wu–Tang Clan has managed to secretly record a 31 track double album with every member of the Clan present (ODB unknown.) Not present whatsoever,…the industry, the media, the social media, hype.

Entitled The Wu: Once Upon A Time In Shaolinthis magnum opus has the potential to literally save music, not the music industry, music’s integrity.  Housed in a hand carved Silver and Nickel chest and kept in a secret location in Morraco, there is only one copy in existence and that’s all there shall be.

“The idea that music is art has been something we advocated for years. And yet it doesn’t receive the same treatment as art in the sense of the value of what it is, especially nowadays when it’s been devalued and diminished to almost the point that it has to be given away for free.”  Clan leader RZA told Forbes magazine.

“I think it’s a musical portrait that’s going to revolutionize music in the future,” said Wu-Tang swordsman “Masta Killa” via electronic message to Forbes “And I’m thankful to my brother Ringz, to collaborate with, and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it.”

“We’re about to sell an album like nobody else sold it before, we’re about to put out a piece of art like nobody else has done in the history of [modern] music. We’re making a single-sale collector’s item. This is like somebody having the scepter of an Egyptian king.” RZA elaborated.

rza once

The album was mastered by RZA and produced by long time Wu affiliate “Cilvaringz” from the Netherlands, who also diagrammed the once in a lifetime presentation of the project.  The solitary copy will be exhibited through galleries, festivals and museums like any other exclusive work of art.

Running at 128-minutes the album can be heard in one shot, through venue provided headphones after scans for hidden recording devices, also making it the worlds first leak proof album.  The listening sessions are rumored to be priced at $30-$50. After the exhibition tour the group will make the album available to a single entity, for a price “in the millions,” as you can suspect there are already offers upwards of Five Mil.

The albums sound itself remains a mystery, all Clan members are said to represent their respective chambers along with Funk Doctor Spock himself, Redman. More eclectic personas are featured as well, like members of the soccer team FC Barcelona. I’m not sure what that means but I wanna hear it.  A haunting female voice listed as Bonnie Jo Mason appears on two tracks, just confirmed by Rolling Stone to be none other than Cher.

For the non millionaire set, also currently in production is a second full Wu-Tang album slated to be released this summer called “A Better Tommorow” it will be available globally to the masses in July or can be pre-ordered now.  The first single, “Keep Watch” produced by original Wu genius “Mathematics” has already materialized.

Rest easy Wu disciples and believers in the value of expression, passion, style and skill, The Wu Tang Clan has come to restore music’s intrinsic value and save us from the free 33 track “mixtape” buried in (insert tired internet feed here.)  No matter what, it’s always Wu-Tang forever. As if the Led Zepplin of Hip-Hop needed more credibility, Wu- Tang is about to make history on several levels…again – Hensley

Justin Bua    "Wu-Tang Clan"    Unique Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas       18 1/4" x 36"

Justin Bua “Wu-Tang Clan” Unique Hand Embellished Giclee on Canvas 18 1/4″ x 36″

*intrinsic -[in-trin-sik, -zik] adjective – belonging to a thing by its very nature

Woo Child – Don’t I prod. by JBJR (Official Video)


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woo dont i

It’s some cold ass Sh*t when rappers can rap, on that note, Saint Louis standout Woo Child just put out the official video for his fast paced single “Don’t I,” from his upcoming EP Heirs.  This video is something I’ve always appreciated, a good “watch me rap cause it’s dope” project.

Orchestrated by tracksmith JBJR, the programming is explosive, gratifyingly typical to his “king me” approach to production. Lyrically, Woo spits Seven hot 16’s like a Uzi, which is awesomely atypical to song structure in general. Seven son.

You can find Woo Child rollin with The Usual Suspects crew and you can find JBJR behind hit lead off singles on every mixtape worth anything comin out of Saint Louis and beyond, putting these two forces together is like putting electricity through water and a lot of fire is the outcome.  The chorus asks “don’t I, don’t I, keep it poppin, playa, pimpin?.. listen” But, it’s a rhetorical question.  Peep game on the new video below. Holla,- Hensley

Pennsylvania’s NICK IAMADON Releases his soulful new party jam “Whoa”


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Erie, PA’s Nick Iamadon from the Cash On Demand crew has just released his futuristic soul party jam “Whoa” on the world. Produced by Nathan Amidon the track itself is a technical triumph.  Melodic raps by Nick and his partner Lake City Fresh, smooth the whole thing out with a “lollipop”-esque vibe.

If you could upload top shelf alcohol, perfume laced stripper sweat and V.I.P. rapper swag into Pro Tools this track might be the result.  You can catch this one on Nick’s upcoming mixtape “Scgo!” to be released June 30th on GUN PLAY RECORDS.  DJ’s you can download the DJ pack right now from NerveDJ’ to get your set crackin.  I mean, who likes sex and alcohol?  Exactly, errrrbody.

Holla, – Hensley



Blazin new single “Soo Terrific” and tour dates from Ohio’s Pressdon.


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After making plenty of noise in the streets of Akron Ohio over the last few years.  Hometown hero Emcee Pressdon is throwing some gas on the fire with his brand new single “Soo Terrific.”  Just released, the hot new single has been getting spins on several radio stations as well as being featured on and

Being no stranger to dropping quality music, Pressdon won Album of the Year at the 2012 Ohio Hip Hop Awards with his sophomore album “Fantasy Island.” “Soo Terrific” is the first single from his upcoming third studio album entitled “Living Legend,”and what does any hustling musician worth their weight in wax do when their shit is hitting hard? Go out on the Big Heff Industry Tour and hit 16 cities in 17 days.  That’s happening right now.

If you can’t catch him live, he has a bevy of gems on You Tube to light up your laptops and also plenty of downloads to keep the car bumpin while your rollin slow this summer with the windows down.

PressDon (1)


Washington DC’s Main Girl drops a new club banger “Lose It”


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Club Banger – noun [klub-bay-grr] – A song purposely selected by a DJ to attract party people to a dance floor.

Diverse Music Group presents the next big R&B/POP female Group “Main Girl” with their blazing new single titled “Lose It” Main Girl introduced their brand of R&B/POP to the masses last year with their well accepted first single “Sucka“, which was a fun and playful record. The Sucka song and video became one of the most talked about records and videos in the D.M.V. (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia) area. Main Girl is back at it again for 2014, ready to welcome us back into their musical space! The new single “Lose It” is sassier, edgier and is guaranteed to surprise a few. Keep your eyes and ears open because Main Girl has returned to show us why they deserve to be crowned the Next Big Female Group!

Our songs are conversations that we have with our female & male friends, a/k/a our fans. It’s like being on the phone or texting all our friends, all at the same time. Since we care about our friends we want to give them something that they can listen to that’s positive, has meaning and will hopefully help them in their own lives. And by doing this we show them what being a “Main Girl” is all about.”  -Main Girl

main girl banner

Formed in 2008 Shabreia, Deja and Jahna collectively make up the D.M.V.’s hottest Teen Female group. With their incredible natural vocal skills and genuinely likable personalities, the young rising group is quickly making a name for themselves in the music industry. Main Girl has opened up for artists such as; Chris Brown, Trey Songz, J. Cole, Miguel, Travis Porter, Jeremiah and many more. With their career on the rapid incline, it’s time to unleash their new single “Lose It” on iTunes and Online Music Stores everywhere.

Main Girl is at the beginning of their career but, without a doubt, is a  true talent that will be around for a while. The group has also showcased their acting skills at Washington D.C.’s Fringe Festival in the musical play “Jilli Manilli.” Keep up with all things Main Girl at

- Diverse Music Group


Kalamazoo’s Fox drops the hammer with their first EP


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Fox are a bluesy rock trio who are native to the snowy hills of Kalamazoo Michigan.  West of Detroit, home of the legendary Mo-Town sound, Kalamazoo is known for a solid music scene, craft beer and is the original home of Gibson guitars.  The three members of FoxChris Sinclair, John Lawrence and Carman Goodrich are all music aficionados in their own right but, when they get together the are a symphonic machine oiled by the passion of the blues and the power of Rock-n-Roll.

All of the members write songs and depending on the song you can catch any one of them playing guitar, bass or drums they just switch it up at will, like a game of musical…well, instruments.  I never in my life thought I would compare any band to Primus or The White Stripes but, Fox has parallels to both, even a twinge of Clutch, whhaaaaaaaaa did I just say?  Yes, check The Mourning track 2 on the Fox EP.  The Fox EP is five tracks of gritty Rock-n-Roll goodness twisted with the non-apologetic lightning in a bottle attitude of the Blues, effectively saving your soul and damning you to hell at the same time, it’s quite a ride. Put the kids to bed and check out the first video for the track High Tide Rising. – Hensley


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