Woo Child – Don’t I prod. by JBJR (Official Video)


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woo dont i

It’s some cold ass Sh*t when rappers can rap, on that note, Saint Louis standout Woo Child just put out the official video for his fast paced single “Don’t I,” from his upcoming EP Heirs.  This video is something I’ve always appreciated, a good “watch me rap cause it’s dope” project.

Orchestrated by tracksmith JBJR, the programming is explosive, gratifyingly typical to his “king me” approach to production. Lyrically, Woo spits Seven hot 16’s like a Uzi, which is awesomely atypical to song structure in general. Seven son.

You can find Woo Child rollin with The Usual Suspects crew and you can find JBJR behind hit lead off singles on every mixtape worth anything comin out of Saint Louis and beyond, putting these two forces together is like putting electricity through water and a lot of fire is the outcome.  The chorus asks “don’t I, don’t I, keep it poppin, playa, pimpin?.. listen” But, it’s a rhetorical question.  Peep game on the new video below. Holla,- Hensley

Pennsylvania’s NICK IAMADON Releases his soulful new party jam “Whoa”


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Erie, PA’s Nick Iamadon from the Cash On Demand crew has just released his futuristic soul party jam “Whoa” on the world. Produced by Nathan Amidon the track itself is a technical triumph.  Melodic raps by Nick and his partner Lake City Fresh, smooth the whole thing out with a “lollipop”-esque vibe.

If you could upload top shelf alcohol, perfume laced stripper sweat and V.I.P. rapper swag into Pro Tools this track might be the result.  You can catch this one on Nick’s upcoming mixtape “Scgo!” to be released June 30th on GUN PLAY RECORDS.  DJ’s you can download the DJ pack right now from NerveDJ’s.com to get your set crackin.  I mean, who likes sex and alcohol?  Exactly, errrrbody.

Holla, – Hensley



Blazin new single “Soo Terrific” and tour dates from Ohio’s Pressdon.


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After making plenty of noise in the streets of Akron Ohio over the last few years.  Hometown hero Emcee Pressdon is throwing some gas on the fire with his brand new single “Soo Terrific.”  Just released, the hot new single has been getting spins on several radio stations as well as being featured on Thisis50.com and Detroitrap.com.

Being no stranger to dropping quality music, Pressdon won Album of the Year at the 2012 Ohio Hip Hop Awards with his sophomore album “Fantasy Island.” “Soo Terrific” is the first single from his upcoming third studio album entitled “Living Legend,”and what does any hustling musician worth their weight in wax do when their shit is hitting hard? Go out on the Big Heff Industry Tour and hit 16 cities in 17 days.  That’s happening right now.

If you can’t catch him live, he has a bevy of gems on You Tube to light up your laptops and also plenty of downloads to keep the car bumpin while your rollin slow this summer with the windows down.

PressDon (1)


Washington DC’s Main Girl drops a new club banger “Lose It”


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Club Banger – noun [klub-bay-grr] – A song purposely selected by a DJ to attract party people to a dance floor.

Diverse Music Group presents the next big R&B/POP female Group “Main Girl” with their blazing new single titled “Lose It” Main Girl introduced their brand of R&B/POP to the masses last year with their well accepted first single “Sucka“, which was a fun and playful record. The Sucka song and video became one of the most talked about records and videos in the D.M.V. (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia) area. Main Girl is back at it again for 2014, ready to welcome us back into their musical space! The new single “Lose It” is sassier, edgier and is guaranteed to surprise a few. Keep your eyes and ears open because Main Girl has returned to show us why they deserve to be crowned the Next Big Female Group!

Our songs are conversations that we have with our female & male friends, a/k/a our fans. It’s like being on the phone or texting all our friends, all at the same time. Since we care about our friends we want to give them something that they can listen to that’s positive, has meaning and will hopefully help them in their own lives. And by doing this we show them what being a “Main Girl” is all about.”  -Main Girl

main girl banner

Formed in 2008 Shabreia, Deja and Jahna collectively make up the D.M.V.’s hottest Teen Female group. With their incredible natural vocal skills and genuinely likable personalities, the young rising group is quickly making a name for themselves in the music industry. Main Girl has opened up for artists such as; Chris Brown, Trey Songz, J. Cole, Miguel, Travis Porter, Jeremiah and many more. With their career on the rapid incline, it’s time to unleash their new single “Lose It” on iTunes and Online Music Stores everywhere.

Main Girl is at the beginning of their career but, without a doubt, is a  true talent that will be around for a while. The group has also showcased their acting skills at Washington D.C.’s Fringe Festival in the musical play “Jilli Manilli.” Keep up with all things Main Girl at www.maingirlworld.com

- Diverse Music Group


Kalamazoo’s Fox drops the hammer with their first EP


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Fox are a bluesy rock trio who are native to the snowy hills of Kalamazoo Michigan.  West of Detroit, home of the legendary Mo-Town sound, Kalamazoo is known for a solid music scene, craft beer and is the original home of Gibson guitars.  The three members of FoxChris Sinclair, John Lawrence and Carman Goodrich are all music aficionados in their own right but, when they get together the are a symphonic machine oiled by the passion of the blues and the power of Rock-n-Roll.

All of the members write songs and depending on the song you can catch any one of them playing guitar, bass or drums they just switch it up at will, like a game of musical…well, instruments.  I never in my life thought I would compare any band to Primus or The White Stripes but, Fox has parallels to both, even a twinge of Clutch, whhaaaaaaaaa did I just say?  Yes, check The Mourning track 2 on the Fox EP.  The Fox EP is five tracks of gritty Rock-n-Roll goodness twisted with the non-apologetic lightning in a bottle attitude of the Blues, effectively saving your soul and damning you to hell at the same time, it’s quite a ride. Put the kids to bed and check out the first video for the track High Tide Rising. – Hensley


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Lukey The Bird drops a soulful debut solo album ‘Mr. Luke, You Corny’ #Philadelphia


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Philadelphia’s Lukey The Bird ( HAHA YO, A Cool Stick) has just set free his debut solo album “Mr Luke, You Corny.” Lukey has been part of several bands but seems to have gone through an awakening of sorts and has dubbed his new philosophy “Feather life,” which the new album reflects perfectly. Lukey is definitely a talented emcee/singer but also shows a distinct personality.  I’m not saying that he’s a messiah of anything but, he does stroll through the album with a swagger to the likes of a young J.C., far before he knew the burden of his identity, like in the undocumented years, when he was just a naturally gifted individual with a bright inner light. Although Lukey’s medium isn’t Carpentry its harmony.

Mr. Luke, You Corny” is thirteen tracks woven into twice as many layers.  On the vocals, it’s nearly all Luke, he pours his soul out singing melodic hooks through the whole album, then spins that effortlessly into on point, heartfelt raps that create a musical symmetry of positivity.  The vocal layers are backed by a steady wave of live instrumentation with healthy doses of drum kit magic to keep your head noddin. This album packs a lot of flavor and gives the brain a noticeable buzz, like an organic chocolate shake perfectly blended with three shots of Disaronno. ~ Hensley

“I have put everything I got into this one. It’s been a long process and it wasn’t all easy but in making this project, I found true happiness. Please enjoy the listen and have a wonderful day! ” ~ Lukey The Bird

Mr. Luke You Corny


lukey banner

A-Jay – Lorene (Official Video) from”The Blow Up” Mixtape #Virginia


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A-jay blow up cover

The mixtape “The Blow Up” has arrived.  Brought to the masses by one of Virginia’s most bankable artist, A-Jay. This East Coast native has a knack for story telling and the know-how to create rich content drawn from real experience. “The Blow Up” is a concept album and is much more profound than the title would suggest at first thought.

“The Blow Up is like the prelude to my story.  A lot of people think The Blow Up means that I wanna blow up off this shit. I mean, of course that’s what I want to happen but, that’s not the theme behind the actual title. It gets a little more deeper than that, a little more complex. You’ve talked, I’ve listened, now it’s my turn” proclaims A-Jay in mixtape’s jazzy intro.

There are several points in this project where A-Jay cuts deep into life’s dramatics and conquests. A couple of times I had the thought of “Damn, why did he bring that up? How’s he know that about me?” Connection moments like that and sordid crime narratives (true, by the way) like “Tales Of The City” and “First Time Felon” keep the listener tuned in like they were turning the pages of a good book.

“I wanted to bring the art of music back to the game.  When ambition mixed with raw talent is combined you get heart-felt music that everybody can relate to and enjoy,” said A-Jay. “I feel like this project is one of my best pieces so far, it only get better from here.”  This album is street as hell, creatively, truly worthy of the term street art.  The kicker to whole thing is he produced most of it himself,which brings a strong cohesion to the overall sound.  Additional production was handled by Don Da Vinci and Mykl Myers which keeps the creative vibe fresh.

The Blow Up” is newly available on Datpiff and you can keep up with A-Jay at www.ajayva.com Check out The first video “Lorena”  a foray into sex, companionship, love jones and lack there of. Holla.  – Hensley


Scumbag SaV! and Heavenly Wharf Music drop “Art Monster”


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Scumbag SaV! of Heavenly Wharf Music just released his 4th mix tape, “Art Monster”, on Good Friday, April 18th, 2014. After about 3 months since his co-operative release with Mista Melo, “Sleeze Rap”, which has already reached over 40,000 downloads, he has been steadily recording new material for multiple projects he has lined up throughout the Summer & Fall. “Art Monster” brings back that ’90s Hip-Hop feel, while still bringing those sleezy lyrics that have gotten Scumbag SaV! his recognition & steadily building fan base. “Art Monster” has featured production from Animoss, Mista Melo, The Alchemist, Lewis Parker, Nick Wiz, Freeman, Connexion, & more.  Even with the “Sleeze Rap” project still hot SaV! and Mista Melo have almost finished a full album entitled “Golden Harvest”, that they are hoping to release around the Summer / Fall of 2014.  The first leak Soul Jawnhas just hit Soundcloud.

You can get all these projects at  the Scumbag Sav! Bandcamp

heavenly wharf banner

We’re on the brink of the release of EleValien the 3rd full cosmic aligning of The 3KNGZ.


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There are millions of rappers these days (did you notice?), there are a few hundred thousands emcees, and there is a small army of lyricists.  To obtain the moniker of lyricist there are key elements that must be mastered, the artists Chill, Meru Muad’Dib and iS, make up the revisionist Hip-Hop troop 3 KNGZ and they possess them all.

First off, one must have the physical prowess to actually rap with breath control, endurance and a rhythmic cadence, one wont get far without these. Secondly, one must be insightful and intelligent.  The ability to articulate thoughts into clever, accurate content and then build that into a flowing rhyme scheme, is no easy task, this separates the elite from the pack.  Furthermore, you can’t fake the funk.  Lyricists pay attention, so naturally they have a lot to say, for instance, the average Nas track probably has three times as many words as the average Young Jezzy track.  Deep memorization skills are required.  Lastly, I believe creativity and style is a culmination of all these things.  To push ones Id* to extreme levels of controlled, (sometimes barley) passion, is a talent held by few and, the result is higher level Hip-Hop.

We’re on the brink of the release of EleValien the 3rd full cosmic aligning of The 3KNGZ. Their initial mix tape “Return of the Nagas” hosted by DJ D Pharoah and original album “ENDSIGHT,” available on iTunes and Amazon, were only precursors to the mission at hand. The 3KNGZ have been working on this project with intensity and fortitude. The warning shot tracks Focus (above) from ENDSIGHT and, Exodus from the upcoming EleValien are signs of things to come and they keep the bar raised as it should be. Anticipation is building for the May 10th release of the transcendental new project.

3KNGS.jpg elevaien

We caught up with CHILL to tell us about the project: 

“EleValien simply means elevation is alien. This mixtape is hosted by North London’s own DJ D Pharoah and is a compilation of expressions and subject matter we feel needs to be addressed. While we are true Hip Hop artists and believe in bringing our own individual flows, we also understand the need of the collective. It is way more than music to us; it’s how we live our daily lives and how we can impact others. Be sure to check us out on May 10th for our mixtape release and performance at Cicero’s in the Delmar Loop. “

3 kngs elevation

start now ~ Hensley


*uncoordinated instinctual trends specific to one

Tucker Booth ‘Too High To Fight’ : Full album and CD link


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Published on Apr 16, 2014

Donate any amount to get the MP3s for free. Donating of $10 or more directly to Tucker Booth using the link below will enable him to send you a rare, CD copy of the album!

If you’d like to download without donating, use this link:

2. Don’t Bounce
3. Close The Drapes
4. No Front
5. Elevator Music
6. Horrible Night
7. Secret Muslim
8. Too High 2 Fight
9. Doomed
10. Too Damn Bad
11. Leavin’ Las Vegas
12. What’s The Matter?
13. The Chosen One
14. Eat Me In St. Louis
15. Nothing Changed 4 Me
16. “It’s All Here, Right?”
17. The Beat Is Broken

Featuring Silly J Skillz, Big Fish, Abe The Babe, Jarmel Reece, Jonathan Toth From Hoth, Irish Mother Scott, The Elders, and Less Rothchild.

Mixed and Produced by John Maxfield for Tantrum Niche Records.
Mastered by Dale Maxfield II.


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