311’s SA Martinez Launches New Side-Project, Los Stellarians


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SA Martinez (vocalist / DJ of 311) and musician/producer Ryan Siegel have joined forces as Los Stellarians. Los Stellarians’ debut album Cholo Soul is a collection of covers of soul songs from the ‘70s – and a tribute to some unheralded masters of classic soul and funk. Martinez curated the project and is lead vocalist. Siegel handled recording and production along with rhythm guitar, bass, keys and backing vocals.

In many ways, this has been a dream album,” Martinez admits. “I’ve always wanted to do a covers record of songs that inspire me on a soul-enriching level. There was a definite focus in mind, which was to cover some of the more underplayed sides of the American Soul canon.”

“I’ve been an avid vinyl collector for many years and it’s allowed me to discover some hidden gems that never really received the attention they deserved,” he continues. “All of the artists covered on the album are stars in my eyes and the songs of theirs, which we chose, to me are hits.

The first single, “Didn’t I,” is an inspired cover of late soul singer Darondo’s 1973 classic. Martinez fell in love with it the first time he heard it.

It’s the type of song to cast a spell on a listener to want to hear it over and over again,” he says. “Mesmerizing is an understatement. I would literally play it non-stop on repeat night after night. When the idea of Los Stellarians came about, “Didn’t I” was the very first track I thought about taking on.

Besides touring and recording with 311, Martinez also has plans to follow-up the Los Stellarians covers debut with a collection of soulful originals later this year. Los Stellarians have landed with el mas chingon— Cholo Soul. – Kyle Eustice

Toronto’s K-Slick drops visuals from his upcoming mixtape “K-9 vs The World” (Official Video)


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kslick-coverGearing up for his upcoming release on Datpiff, K-Slick has been dropping dope videos to keep his hungry fans with something to chew on until the official release of “K-9 vs. the World,” which should definitely be sooner than later.  The new singles, “Rock Bottom” and “Crime Chronicles 2″ are the first two video’s and they don’t disappoint. Both portray our brother to the North’s gritty lifestyle, struggle and ultimate triumph to find an enlightened path.

K-Slick’s musical prowess was noticed nationally for last year’s single “Last Breath” featuring Slaughterhouses’s Joell Ortiz.  In 2014 Slick is ready to tear the house down with his brand new project.  Look for the singles “Fully Loaded,” “Klaudia” and “Chilln Out,” all scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.  Right now check out K-Slick giving you real life in rhymes in the brand new video for “Rock Bottom.”  I love the samples on this track and “Crime Chronicles 2″ continues the “Crime Chronicles” sage of his outside of society lifestyle that was started on his first mixtape “Twenty -One.” Peep game.

Skiddalz unleashes her hot debut album “Rebel Angel” (Official audio/itunes link)


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Saint Louis’s premiere bad girl emcee Skiddalz has just unleashed her full length debut album “Rebel Angel” and she slam dunked that shit.  Skiddalz has been putting out music since around 08′ when she was still in her teens.

Fusing her love for beat boxing and poetry into full on track smashing raps she has emerged as a lyrical force to be reckoned with.

This album has been a long time coming and is worth the wait, it’s not just another mixtape.  “Rebel Angel” is 11 tracks of Skiddalz heart and soul, it breaks down into a few phases.

Skiddalz b&w

The club bangers: This is what she does, she’s a beat rider and a beast writer, so naturally these are smashing.  The Dj friendly lead off track “Make It Happen” is a promise to her fans and a threat to doubters, the beat is infectious and Skiddalz cements your attention with her patented gun slinger style raps.

Track 2, “Do Whatever” featuring P.R.E.A.C.H. loses zero momentum. The two emcees dig deep into the musical state of mind over a haunting futuristic beat. This is the point where I realize how good her voice sounds, she borderline sings the hook and every word is precise.

Track 3, “Cook Sumn” cracks me up but at the same time ain’t no joke.  Here is where Skiddalz shows she’s not your average “look how cool I am” rapper. Her uniqueness shines and the double entendre of the title is clever and funny.

Track 6, “Please Shut up” featuring Yak Boy Fresh is my favorite track.  It might be my new theme song, it’s addicting.  The track is a certified neck breaker and should be played as loud as possible.  It’s self-explanatory, and needed to be said.  Skiddalz and Yak Boy send the message, please shut up, here’s why, continue to shut up, repeat. Gold.

Track 10, “Good time” is not my style but, it’s a lot of other people’s, get your dance on and enjoy life with this one.

The girl behind the mic tracks: these songs give the album depth and they go pretty far. Tracks 4&5 , “Psycho Love” and “My Letter To You” rip apart stereotypes of love and the opposing views.  Skiddalz reminds me of a young Slim Shady, not Eminem, Slim Shady, as she spins tails of relationship up’s, down’s, and spinning in circles. Lesson? Be nice to Skiddalz.

The social awareness track: Track 9, “Sweet Dreams” is straight up about suicide.  In our current state of Klono-xana-buterin nation, this track speaks to more people than are willing to admit it and it’s dope Skiddalz has the bravery to rap about it.  At the end there is a real hotline number.

The state of the art tracks: Track 7, “I Love It” is another stand out track for me, featuring The Co-Pilots, this is a dream laced sound with a nice hard edge, with all 3 emcees elevating the listener to a nice level of “We got you, relax and enjoy the ride.”  Track 9, “Fat Kid’s Revenge” featuring Jayda Future might be the most defining track of the album.  Jayda brings some thunder and our girl just kicks the doors in. I had to quote her on this one.

Similar to being on earth or in Hell/ and I failed /at making the ones I love feel loved that’s the price of rising above/ and I’m up like cholesterol/ but I’m standing tall right next to y’all/ you look small to me/ hand the ball to me/ I’m Michael, bitch. You Lebron to me/ Ain’t it odd to see?/ that I’m probably/ the closest prodigy to originality/ so honor me!/ because the Greats have passed/ and the Gates have smashed/ Ain’t never let you fakes get a backstage pass/ I’m appalled they asked/ you need a hall pass/ Because the Class that I rep goes beyond Math

The ride out track: Track 11, “The Phoenix” has a Whitey Ford vibe to it and chants “Don’t count me out when I’m down/I will rise again” and the rolling tempo is a nice exit from hype vibe of the album, Ahhhhhhnnd exhale. Whew, that’s quite a ride…I wanna go again.

Rebel Angel is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and more.

skiddalz  rappin

Albuquerque rapper Wake Self launches European tour and new music video “New Mexico”


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wake nm

In light of his upcoming European Tour, Wake Self is set to promote his latest album with a beautifully cinematic music video 

Andy “Wake Self” Martinez, one of New Mexico’s most popular performers, is pleased to announce the release of his latest music video for his most demanded song, “New Mexico,” off his sophomore album, Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake.

Filled with beautiful visuals of New Mexico landscape and popular sites, the video follows Wake Self trekking through the state, meeting up with friends and family. It has distant viewers wanting to travel to New Mexico, and the residents proud to be surrounded by its amazing terrain. The video was shot in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, White Sands, Elephant Butte, Sandia Peak, Taos, Alamogordo, Los Alamos, Gallup and Santa Fe.

Wake Self teamed up with long time collaborator, innovative director Concept Flux. Flux has gained praise internationally for his gorgeous visuals and unique concepts. He captured Wake’s love for New Mexico’s culture, green chile, art, music community, and incredible sunsets in a stark voyeuristic, yet cinematic style.

 I feel it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world,” Wake says. “I wanted to share my love of this place with the world.

The song “New Mexico” is an uptempo ode to The Land of Enchantment. Wake Self is ascending quickly in the national hip-hop community. He is touring this month in Europe to spread his unique sound and add more fans to his already large fan base (10,600 likes on Facebook). – Kyle Eustice


CollectivID’s Denver takeover


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Black Prez- H*Wood - DJ Five8

Black Prez- H*Wood – DJ Five8


There is something in the air at the Mile High City.  A group of artists have come together to upgrade and enhance the area’s already nice musical landscape.  This group is known as Collective ID (COID.)

CollectivID is officially a record label and promotions firm, but they operate more like artistic ambassadors or sub culture representatives.  Spearheading this movement is native emcees Black Prez and H*wood, backed by Dj Five8 and vocalist Yasi, the crew has big plans for Denver and beyond.

The first album off the label entitled “Code Red” is nearly complete and it’s about time to ring the alarm.  I recently caught up with label CEO and executive producer Taver Tor to get the story in his own words.

What is CollectivID’s (COID) mission?

“Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.  COID or CollectivID mission is simple as the name. The CO as in Colorado and ID identity.  We are living in a special time Denver is going to be come the New LA or New York It is our goal to showcase all of Colorado talent.  This is our time to become the fore fathers of the music scene.”

What is the style of the upcoming Code Red album?

Code Red is going to surprise everyone the current state of hip-hop, but to describe Code Red with Black Prez, H*Wood rapping and DJ Five8 Production for the whole album it makes for a Timeless album. You can expect everything Colorado loves, from EDM to guitar solo’s, along with beautiful girls singing. its going to sonically take you some where, again timeless, I use that word cautiously but when you listen to the sound of the project the stories the artist convey you will understand why i say that.”

code red banner

Tell us about the next single “Tonight.”

“The single Tonight is actually going to be Pushed back to September 15th,
But its really the heart of this project, the song was recorded at a local studio in Denver, and is what started this whole Code Red Album.  It is one of those high energy feel good songs that you get you ready to go out and party with friends. or even turn up during the night. In addition it gives the ladies a nice anthem to sing to and make fellas recognize whats in front of them, the ladies will appreciate it with the current state of aintloyal type songs in the air, as well as the guys digging it too.”

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

“All in all we are an independent company and just want to put out a good project that shows the world what colorado is capable of.  Make sure to Follow @blackprez and @offcialhwood and the producer @milehighfive8 and me too @imtaver stay tuned for H*woods Next Project with his live band as well as Dj Five8 Beat mixtape and a Black Prez Ep.  Thanks for taking the time to Interview us!”

Be sure not to miss the listing party kick off to this new wave of energy pulsating from the heart of Denver.

code red party

Jah Orah & KD Assassin “Used To Be Bobby & Darrick” – Fresh voices from the Saint Louis underground


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Jah Orah and KD Assassin have just released a brand new full length summer banger called “Used To Be Bobby & Darrick.” They could have just called it “This Album Goes Hard,” that would be too easy, but right on point.

This is not just another gangster tales album. It’s heavy musically and artistically. Produced by DJ Reminise, InStrumenTaL, Pop dDub, Tony Baines and 44Degreez, the sound flows from Bouncy high-tech Hip-Hop to classically styled production, with a lots of dope live singing.

Jah and KD along with their partner MC923_m are joined on tracks by Aceyalone and Show-Me-State heavy hitters, Black Spade, Tef Poe, Bo Dean and Dharma Jean.

This album was released August 12th 2014 and is the voice of young Saint Louis residents through zero media filters just microphones in STL studios. Most definitely check out track 3 “This Crazy town” (Hard Times.)

The first video “It’s Not The Same” was directed and produced by Prince Ea. Stepen “instrumental” King from Systematic Muzick describes the project as…

No cliched women dissing tracks here.  It’s a soulfully, funky, ‘Real G’ and unintended “manthem.”


Tucker Booth X Centipede – “Doomed” (Official video)


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Outlandish. Intriguing. Poetic.

“Until it all falls apart again/ I’ll be on top of the trash heap callin it art again” – Tucker Booth

Produced by Centipede directed by Big Kerm from the album “Too High 2 Fight” available at tantrumnich.com

doom snip 2

New York’s V. Nova decrees “The New Commission” (Official Video)


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v nova cover

V. Nova is leading a New York hardcore rap resurgence.  His upcoming project “Hidden in Plain Sight Volume 3: The New Commission” (HIPS3) lays out the code of conduct over some supremely wicked production by The Crack Factory.  The first single “You Died” is a witty and sarcastic collabo with fellow NY spitter Uncle Murda and the second single “Abstract Art” has an ultra fresh throwback vibe laced with some nice scratching and features Brooklyn legends Smif-n-Wesson.


The latest release comes with some sick visuals and it’s simply dubbed “The Commission.” Nova keeps up his tradition of jumping off each project with a scathing 16.  This track is actually the album intro! After three minutes of head knocking hard rhymes with a politico undertone, you’re like, yo…I’m listening. Nova had this to say about the new video.

“I want people to get from this video that V. Nova is nothing to fuck with. The red, white & blue symbolism in the video coincides with the speaker in the beginning: a world government who is elected by no one is the trilateral commission. While I’m not a mainstream artist, I come from a place where we dictate trends, so I have an underground impact in that regard. So in a way, the streets are this New Commission, which is where I come from.”

HIPS3 drops in September. Check out the brand new video below.

Erin Jale’ takes us deeper on her new single “Deep Cuts”


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There’s a sorceress of sound running the streets of L.A. Her magic is real and her name is Erin Jale’ (pronounced Jah-ley) Erin is a Pro Tools surgeon and a liberator of pounding sexy bass melted with various audio subtleties that you sometimes don’t even know you’re enjoying until a couple plays later. Her tracks often have upwards of 20 layers with no hint of over business.  She describes her production as…

I Love BaSSS. For me it is a state of mind, a place I can go where nothing else seems to matter. The way a human being can hear AND feel bass on a physical level has always inspired and captured my imagination.

When she lays her vocals over her down-tempo cuts it’s like two rolling storm fronts colliding and causing a slow warm rain over a poppy field. But it’s not all quite storms, make no mistake Erin can bring the thunder. ~ Hensley




Chi-town’s Philosopha walks you through his hood in his new video “Work”


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Chicago artist Philosopha want’s to invite you into his world.  In his new video “Work,” himself and and fellow Chiraq rep Mikey Dollaz tell you vividly about a day in the life of young hustlers in the windy city’s urban sprawl.  The hustle hard streets of his hood provided the back drop and Philsopha and Mikey provide their own brand of daily news and reports from a cash only industry. The two emcees have distinctly different styles which keeps the track fresh all the way through.

They take us from rollin the streets, to in and out of kitchens where the hottest thing in there isn’t on the stove, you’ll see what I’m sayin.  This video is off the heels of the lead off single “All I Know” from Philosopha’s upcoming album entitled “Too Dope” slated for release this summer.  Currently he is on tour building up buzz for the project release and giving fans a live taste of the high powered album.  We recently got to catch up with Philosopha and ask him about his new projects.

Philosopha, how would you describe your style?

Entertaining voice fluctuations as relatable as the (Migos) and as new and refreshing as Rich homie Quan or Young Thug presented in a Chiraq manner, demanding the attention of listeners in a Kendrick Lamar way. Without sounding so far gone, Chicago and the national hip hop music scene have never seen such a bold lyricist out of my city accompanied with the enjoyable street anthems, club bangers, and a variety of music that fulfills the soul.

What can we expect from the new album Too Dope?

I would describe the album Too Dope as a voice of the people/streets. It is filled with bouncy and enthusiastic word play, textured with a real, yet fun filled element of Chicago and it’s surroundings. The entire project is a play on words and hopefully by the end of the album you are saying , whoa!, this is Too Dope or you and your pothead friends have partied to the enjoyable sounds and music on the album.

philosopha cover too dope

What are the main ingredients of a Philosopha live show?

Being in a good state of mind, having my stage show fully prepared, bringing my Dj and producer, stage effects equipment and last but not least, two doobies are all the perfect ingredients for making a Philosopha live show Too Dope!

Check out the new video for “Work”  ~ C. Hensley


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