An open letter to Florida. We don’t say it enough.


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florida postcard

Hey Florida! What’s up? Has anything exciting happened lately?

My whole life you’ve been impressive at not impressing anyone, but the last 15 years you’ve been off the chain. Wow! So many highlights. You came hard out the box with the 2000 election rigging smash and grab job you pulled.  Little bro Jeb Bush for the slam dunk out of nowhere? Whaaaaaaat! There’s a brother Jeb too!? Boom. That year several Florida precincts conveniently required two photo IDs to vote, which many local citizens do not have. The requirement under Florida law was always one photo ID.  Just before the election, a law was passed requiring two which posed a special difficulty for low-income or elderly voters who did not have drivers licenses or other photo IDs nor enough time to get them. Along with several other insanely shady maneuvers, that election was handed to big bro George ‘dubya’ Bush and the Bush fuckery wagon trekked on for four more years. That was a sight to see. Hanging chads? Hahahahah do you just make this shit up? Haaaaa! You clever son of bitch you.

Oh man, and who can forget the Oxycontin Exress! That’s doing wonders for the whole East Coast. Thank you so much for that.  Don’t think we haven’t noticed the several tons of Cocaine you import each year either, we see you. You’ve been putting in work forever though. Remember this lack of awesomeness? This is a great shot of you at your best.

floridaeileian resize

This year though! THIS YRRRR THOUGH, THIS YEAR RIGHT HRRRR SON! What can we really say. Not only are you’re politicians super star un-holy fuck up’s but now some of your regular citizens are really settin it off, changin the game.  You’re bench goes deep, for real, Casey Anthony, Zimmerman and now rookie racist murderer of the year Micheal Dunn (Let’s not forget the damage Limp Bizkit and Creed have caused.)  Wow again. The real credit goes the those jury’s of stand up Floridians that just can’t stop proving my point. It’s their contribution that really goes unnoticed.  After reveling in the glory of your shitbaggery I think it’s time someone said it. Your place in history has been sealed as the best at being the worst imaginable. Please fall into the ocean as soon as possible.  Plus you really do look like a limp dick.  Congrats. ~Hensley

Tef Poe releases ‘Hennessy’ The first official video from ‘Cheer For The Villain’


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tef crtv cover

The first official video from Tef Poe’s heavily buzzing new release Cheer For The Villain is here, It’s called Hennessy.  The visuals are directed by Remrod and the track itself has a distinct sting to it but finishes smooth. Tef, talking real talk as always, exudes bravery and confidence in the midst of frustration and anxiety. The guitar, drums and keys on the album are mostly live by executive producer DJ Burn One and 5 Points Music Group.  Cheer For The Villain was just released Independently by Footklan/Overdose Entertainment. Tef Poe embodies the righteous, misunderstood villain and will definitely have you cheering for him. Check out the new video and album below and say hi to the bad guy. ~ Chris Hensley

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‘Same Girl’ by Jennifer Lopez 2014


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jennifer-lopez train

J-Lo is back and still true to form as a South Bronx sweetheart with plenty of Latin spice and vocals to top it all off.  She recently said on Twitter  “Are u ready for what’s coming??? And maybe sooner than u think!”  Assuming she’s speaking of her 8th studio album which title and exact release date are yet unknown, anticipation is building and with the January release of her new video Same Girl, I can’t help to think it will drop in a New York minute.

The project is produced by Grammy winner Red One who told “It’s everything about Jennifer Lopez. It’s not one thing; it’s everything you experience. It’s a very special album. It feels like this album, to us, has to have everything about her, not just one thing.”  Check out the new video that has Jenny (yes we’re that close) strutting the streets of NYC like only she can and sounding amazing.  She’s still the flyest Fly Girl to the core – Hensley

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Midwest Avengers frontman So n So drops his Solo joint Smiles And Handshakes


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so n so


So’n’So is an emcee and songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri.  He has been writing music since he could write and has been performing live for over a decade.  As half of the vocal force behind the Headbanger Hip-Hop faction The Midwest Avengers, which he fronts with his brother B.C. So’N’So is no stranger to rocking a crowd.  He also just lit the fuse on his new solo joint Smiles And Handshakes and is unleashing his own brand of fury and funk on the world.  His influences range from Outkast and Eminem to Jill Scott, Slum Village and The Roots. His journey through different genres has brought his sound around full circle to just strait up good music. Categories be damned.  On this fresh new project So’n’So is getting back to the core of one of his first passions, Hip hop.

Download the album and check the first video “Do Sum’n”

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Me N Mine Entertainment’s Usual Suspects come together to heist the industry.


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Me N Mine Ent. decided it was time to perform the perfect crime and heist the music industry (Thank you.)  So they rounded up the Usual Suspects, said their names loudly and put some bright lights on them.

“Cain 1-2-1, MWellz, WooChild and J-Rell, how do you plead to representing your city to the fullest?”

“Guilty!” in unison was the reply. Picture that.

These four Saint Louis vets have come together under the Me N Mine Label to show everyone what the business is. Like the four seasons of the Midwest you like them all separately and for different reasons but  together, they all balance each other out thus their rap game flourishes.  The new Usual Suspects project just released 10 days ago is 14 tracks of well-rounded underground Hip-Hop.  There is a good mix of collabo tracks and solo shine tracks so you get to know what each emcee brings to the table.  I’ve been rockin MWells as a solo artist for a minute now and it’s no surprise to see her on a team of this caliber.  The new project is a free download so get that and turn it up.  Record execs, industry yes men and whack emcees watch your back.  The Usual Suspects are out there. – Hensley

Get the album >>>


Locash Magazine issue 4.0 strait out of cyberspace.


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swampalien2 pbIssue 4.0 is here!  Our first digital publication is already blazin up the internet. We’re rockin exclusive interviews with the infamous DJ SWAMP and Midwest Hip-Hop general TEF POE.  Including links to both of their new projects! Swamps movie version of his new album Vinyl Disciple and Tef and Rockwell Knuckles’s new album The David Ruffin Theory are not to be missed. Also links to the latest bangers from Pancho Rucker and The Frozen Food Section.  And just to make it extra dope we got original art from Garland Watson of Bizarre Tales Comics for your visual stimulation. Check it out below PRINT GAME PROPER - Hensley


DiazAngel PB

Albuquerque Emcee Wake Self Releases Video for “At the Speed of Bike”


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wakeselfbike crop pb

Albuquerque, New Mexico. December 10, 2013— Andy “Wake Self” Martinez is proud to announce the next video from his most recent album, The Healing Process. Titled “At the Speed of Bike,” the song takes the listener on a journey through a day in the life of Wake Self while flawlessly executing a solid track built on DJ Young Native’s cuts and PH8’s production. The song proves, once again, Wake is determined to set himself apart from the monotony of mainstream, contemporary hip-hop. Insightful and original, Wake speaks truth, first and foremost. While this song is bit more playful than previous efforts, at the core is Wake’s message of positivity. The video, produced by Concept Flux Media, balances Wake’s youthful nature with the seriousness of what he’s trying to get across. The Healing Process dropped on April 25 and is packed with endless introspective, intelligent lyrics and Wake’s impeccably smooth delivery.  Check out “At the Speed of Bike” here.

~ Kyle Eustice

Wake Self Bandcamp

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Pancho Rucker drops the 4th installment of his ‘I’m Better Than U On Ur Shit’ mixtape series


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pruckercustomvol4 pb

P RUUUUUUUUUUCKEEEEEEER ( I always gotta say his name like that) has got some more shit to talk through your stereo.  The 4th installment of his mixtape series I’m Better Than U On Ur Shit just came through. This Volume is a heavily serious/heavily clownin foray into life as a young artist, the good and the bad. Poncho smashes through 23 (+2 bonus) self-produced tracks with laid back and triple time rhyme schemes. Host Dutch Jackson of adds a lot of flavor to the project as well.  On track 15 Consultation Prize the duo question whether they have a moral line anymore and then continue to clown about relationships with a hilariously morbid twist. On the harder side of the project Track 22 Mighty Long ft. Geon Pancho walks you a mile in his shoes as he finds a higher ground in the Midwest streets.  P Rucker reps Saint Louis hard and we’re standin right behind him.  Check out the video for Track 1  Curtians Open and this is just the project intro.  ~ Hensley

Cas-One smashes it on his 2nd album ‘The Monster And The Wishing Well’


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I was blessed with an advanced copy of Cas-One’s second full length album The Monster And The Wishing Well.  I felt like I was sitting on an incredible new drug and I couldn’t wait to give you all this feeling.  This record will breathe life into the forever thirsty masses of knowledge seekers and the underground free radicals alike.  It’s truly refreshing without the harmful side effects of monotony because it’s all natural with no record labels involved, just Cas-One and  his crew.

Cas definitely doesn’t walk alone through this 16 track composition.  Two of his main production crew consists of his long time friends Eric Hunter and an electro wizard known as Figure, all three of them are straight out of Evansville, Indiana. Additional lyrical energy is harnessed by unusual suspects Bitter Stephens, Prolyphic & Metermaids and Tommy Jamin & Proe.  Hi-fi acoustic crooner Kristoff Krane spreads some love on track four Never Runner also featuring Ceschi and vinyl chopper Wick-it practices some turntable jujitsu on  track three Chasing Greatness. Any track featuring a real DJ gets automatic points from me these days.  I find 95% of so-called Hip-Hop albums these days disturbingly lacking in this department.

Several tracks like numbers, 1. Long Walk, 3. Chasing Greatness 6. Vultures and 9. I Am What I Am hit you with a funky almost throwback vibe with a modern edgiest.  This layer of the album has Cas flexing lyrical muscle and showing us why he deserves shine on the microphone.  These are get up tracks to blow your speakers to.  Cas-One can definitely keep your head nodding while pushing thought-provoking lines through you cerebellum.  He also spits one of the best “motherfuckers” in Hip Hop since Dr.Dre.  Maybe that’s some shit only I would notice because I love to fucking curse but it’s all good times none the less.

Another layer woven into this menagerie of expression is held together by guitar stings, piano chords, rich real live vocals and expertly placed melodic samples. Track number 2. The Get down is an upbeat dark comedy which there is a wicked artsy video already out for. Tracks 4. Never Runner, 5. Cold Spell, 11. Empty Nest, 12. Reasons, 14. Opiates and 15. October celebrate the human spirit. This is where Cas purges middle class life, pseudo fame and 10 years in the rap game out of your stereo.  He’ll paint you a picture of your own day.  After these songs you’ll be relating to him like he’s one of the guys from your job,  or even the cool bar back that will pour you a drink when the bartender is being a duchy poon hound at the end of the bar for ten minutes.

The whole tapestry is held together by a rocked out vibe over driving to slow rumbling beats. Tracks 7. Rabbit Named Wolf, 8. Out Of The Light and 13. Into The Dark could easily be played on alternative rock radio. One of my favorites on the album is an entity all it own.  Track 10. Strutbounce is a bouncy ego booster seemingly inspired by someone Cas-One has frequently shared a stage with Brother Ali.  Monster In The Wishing Well is a great album that walks the line beautifully between rappin about livin and livin that rap life. Check out the latest video from the album for A Long Walk. ~ Hensley

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Minneapolis’s Marijuana Deathsquads re-imagine and re-release P.O.S.’s We Don’t Even Live Here.


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p o s

Minneapolis’s own kings of racket Marijuana Deathsquads have somehow managed to make P.O.S.’s recent smash release We Don’t Even Live Here even more raucous, and that’s saying something.  MDS performed a complete remix of the entire album and titled it WDELH MDS RMX.  This sure to be Molotov cocktail  is slated for release exactly one year after the original album.  It will be available on Tuesday, October 22nd for free download via  The first taste of the new project is the deep, groovy, headknocker anthem “Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks and Bats (WDELH/MDS/RMX).” The official video for was just released on Youtube. – Hensley


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