Jah Orah & KD Assassin “Used To Be Bobby & Darrick” – Fresh voices from the Saint Louis underground


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Jah Orah and KD Assassin have just released a brand new full length summer banger called “Used To Be Bobby & Darrick.” They could have just called it “This Album Goes Hard,” that would be too easy, but right on point.

This is not just another gangster tales album. It’s heavy musically and artistically. Produced by DJ Reminise, InStrumenTaL, Pop dDub, Tony Baines and 44Degreez, the sound flows from Bouncy high-tech Hip-Hop to classically styled production, with a lots of dope live singing.

Jah and KD along with their partner MC923_m are joined on tracks by Aceyalone and Show-Me-State heavy hitters, Black Spade, Tef Poe, Bo Dean and Dharma Jean.

This album was released August 12th 2014 and is the voice of young Saint Louis residents through zero media filters just microphones in STL studios. Most definitely check out track 3 “This Crazy town” (Hard Times.)

The first video “It’s Not The Same” was directed and produced by Prince Ea. Stepen “instrumental” King from Systematic Muzick describes the project as…

No cliched women dissing tracks here.  It’s a soulfully, funky, ‘Real G’ and unintended “manthem.”


Tucker Booth X Centipede – “Doomed” (Official video)


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Outlandish. Intriguing. Poetic.

“Until it all falls apart again/ I’ll be on top of the trash heap callin it art again” – Tucker Booth

Produced by Centipede directed by Big Kerm from the album “Too High 2 Fight” available at tantrumnich.com

doom snip 2

New York’s V. Nova decrees “The New Commission” (Official Video)


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v nova cover

V. Nova is leading a New York hardcore rap resurgence.  His upcoming project “Hidden in Plain Sight Volume 3: The New Commission” (HIPS3) lays out the code of conduct over some supremely wicked production by The Crack Factory.  The first single “You Died” is a witty and sarcastic collabo with fellow NY spitter Uncle Murda and the second single “Abstract Art” has an ultra fresh throwback vibe laced with some nice scratching and features Brooklyn legends Smif-n-Wesson.


The latest release comes with some sick visuals and it’s simply dubbed “The Commission.” Nova keeps up his tradition of jumping off each project with a scathing 16.  This track is actually the album intro! After three minutes of head knocking hard rhymes with a politico undertone, you’re like, yo…I’m listening. Nova had this to say about the new video.

“I want people to get from this video that V. Nova is nothing to fuck with. The red, white & blue symbolism in the video coincides with the speaker in the beginning: a world government who is elected by no one is the trilateral commission. While I’m not a mainstream artist, I come from a place where we dictate trends, so I have an underground impact in that regard. So in a way, the streets are this New Commission, which is where I come from.”

HIPS3 drops in September. Check out the brand new video below.

Erin Jale’ takes us deeper on her new single “Deep Cuts”


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There’s a sorceress of sound running the streets of L.A. Her magic is real and her name is Erin Jale’ (pronounced Jah-ley) Erin is a Pro Tools surgeon and a liberator of pounding sexy bass melted with various audio subtleties that you sometimes don’t even know you’re enjoying until a couple plays later. Her tracks often have upwards of 20 layers with no hint of over business.  She describes her production as…

I Love BaSSS. For me it is a state of mind, a place I can go where nothing else seems to matter. The way a human being can hear AND feel bass on a physical level has always inspired and captured my imagination.

When she lays her vocals over her down-tempo cuts it’s like two rolling storm fronts colliding and causing a slow warm rain over a poppy field. But it’s not all quite storms, make no mistake Erin can bring the thunder. ~ Hensley




Chi-town’s Philosopha walks you through his hood in his new video “Work”


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Chicago artist Philosopha want’s to invite you into his world.  In his new video “Work,” himself and and fellow Chiraq rep Mikey Dollaz tell you vividly about a day in the life of young hustlers in the windy city’s urban sprawl.  The hustle hard streets of his hood provided the back drop and Philsopha and Mikey provide their own brand of daily news and reports from a cash only industry. The two emcees have distinctly different styles which keeps the track fresh all the way through.

They take us from rollin the streets, to in and out of kitchens where the hottest thing in there isn’t on the stove, you’ll see what I’m sayin.  This video is off the heels of the lead off single “All I Know” from Philosopha’s upcoming album entitled “Too Dope” slated for release this summer.  Currently he is on tour building up buzz for the project release and giving fans a live taste of the high powered album.  We recently got to catch up with Philosopha and ask him about his new projects.

Philosopha, how would you describe your style?

Entertaining voice fluctuations as relatable as the (Migos) and as new and refreshing as Rich homie Quan or Young Thug presented in a Chiraq manner, demanding the attention of listeners in a Kendrick Lamar way. Without sounding so far gone, Chicago and the national hip hop music scene have never seen such a bold lyricist out of my city accompanied with the enjoyable street anthems, club bangers, and a variety of music that fulfills the soul.

What can we expect from the new album Too Dope?

I would describe the album Too Dope as a voice of the people/streets. It is filled with bouncy and enthusiastic word play, textured with a real, yet fun filled element of Chicago and it’s surroundings. The entire project is a play on words and hopefully by the end of the album you are saying , whoa!, this is Too Dope or you and your pothead friends have partied to the enjoyable sounds and music on the album.

philosopha cover too dope

What are the main ingredients of a Philosopha live show?

Being in a good state of mind, having my stage show fully prepared, bringing my Dj and producer, stage effects equipment and last but not least, two doobies are all the perfect ingredients for making a Philosopha live show Too Dope!

Check out the new video for “Work”  ~ C. Hensley

What Is A Real Graffiti Artist? by YZE – PHOENIX


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Garland freedom_people_2

What is a real Grafitti artist?

“Historically speaking, cause people be dissin, the first grafitti artist’s in the world were the Egyptian’s” Krs-one – Out for fame
(I’m writing this cause it gotta be said, Too many real writer’s have died. The phony shit gotta end)

Grafitti artist: A grafitti artist is someone who stylizes LETTER’S onto wall’s, trains, paper, slap tag’s, black book or any public forum whether by being commissioned to or illegally done. A REAL GRAFITTI ARTIST can demonstrate on the spot from the top of the head the artist’s name or tag manipulating the letter’s to suit their name to be hit up anywhere. A TRUE GRAFITTI ARTIST EARNS THEIR REP ON THE STREET’S by putting up “BURNER’S” that spread their alias throughout the city or wherever they travel.

Grafitti BOMBER: A grafitti Bomber is everything that a Grafitti artist is except Grafitti bomber’s focus more on huge letter’s or clean regular letter’s that get their name and fame up. Some artist’s say that there is no difference between a Grafitti Bomber and Grafitti artist, but in my opinion and the opinion of old writer’s there is a difference in style and what the two artist’s are trying to present to the public.

garland box

Street Artist: A street artist is everything that a grafitti artist and grafitti bomber is except STREET ARTIST’S focus on drawing people, places and thing’s. Some Street artist’s may paint cartoons you see on t.v, some do portrait’s, and some do art with political meaning. Usually you’ll see street artist’s and Grafitti artist’s and Bomber’s click up and do pieces with each other or you’ll see them doing their own thing.

garland fire girl

Tag: A Tag is a signature and stepping stone to an artist becoming a REAL GRAFITTI ARTIST. One has to have a good “Hand Style” before you can become a GRAFITTI ARTIST, just like a painter has to be able to DRAW before they’re considered a TRUE PAINTER unless your just drawing simple geometric shapes. Though some people just stick to being a “Tagger” and don’t graduate to being Grafitti artist’s.

Slap Tag: Slap tag’s are the sticker’s you see Grafitti artist’s or Tagger’s posting up with their alias on it.

Black book: This is a book that grafitti artist’s, bomber’s, or Tagger’s carry around with their names and art pieces drawn into them. If you never owned one of these and have samples of your tag’s or graff letter’s, or at least have paper’s or slap tag’s that have displayed of your work it’s safe to say YOU’RE A TOY.

garland book

Toy: A TOY IS A POSER IN THE GRAFITTI WORLD. A Toy is someone who CLAIM’S they’re a Street Artist, Grafitti Artist, Bomber but can’t draw to save their lives. Or they post up wack ass pieces over writer’s who really have a rep in the street ruining their freshly made Burner’s with horrible art. This usually result’s in a beat down or complete disrespect from The Grafitti art world. But the cool thing is that some Toy’s are just people working to become real writer’s they just suck at the moment. If they get with a crew or an artist that know’s what they’re doing and they keep at it after a while they’ll earn their respect.

What am I?: T.W.I.L.I.G.H.T./Garland Watson/”YZE” is a STREET ARTIST that comes from a Grafitti art background. I was given my name “Yze” by my older brother who was a writer on paper. I never went and put up enough Burner’s for me to be considered a TRUE GRAFITTI ARTIST but I do draw letter’s. I am A TRUE STREET ARTIST earning my rep by doing pieces on wall’s and displaying my skill with SPRAY CAN’S. I’ve been out at 2 o’clock in the morning BY MYSELF doing Art on Wall’s in unfamiliar places throughout the City.



RISK’S OF BEING A GRAFITTI ARTIST/BOMBER/OR STREET ARTIST:  If your going to be anyone of these label’s and be TRUE to it you have to realize a few thing’s. GRAFITTI ARTIST’S/ BOMBER’S / STREET ARTIST’S are rebel’s and risk taker’s. Outside of the art world we’re hated by many and loved by few. Grafitti, bomber’s, street artist’s have been murdered by Cop’s, Gang member’s, or plain sicko’s because of the time we choose to display our art skill’s.

It’s like Whodini say’s The Freak’s Come out at Night. In neighborhood’s high on crime when a writer or artist risk’s going to a turf they’re not familiar with, There are street Gang’s who own that turf that will either severly beat up or kill a writer or artist for going over their gang’s tag with their own art. If you’re a writer or artist you can be thrown in jail or fined 1,000’s of dollar’s if you get caught destroying public property. If you’re a writer and you get in a war with another crew for crossing out their Burner with your own you can get stomped out by that writer you crossed out or his whole crew.

This has been a public announcement from T.W.I.L.I.G.H.T./ Garland Watson REPRESENTATIVE OF HIP-HOP CULTURE

I’ve participated in and done 3 of the 5 elements, my resume is Break dancing, Graff (street art) and emceeing. These are a few of my favorite grafitti movies: Style Wars, Wild Style, and Bomb the System check’em out if you really wanna know about Grafitti and also listen to KRS–ONE’s “ Out for Fame.”

 Finalfalloutshelter.tumblr / T.W.I.L.I.G.H.T. / Garland Watson Tatts

Kreative House artist Jordan Antonia gets it jumpin with “Bayou Boogie”


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Kreative House Music artist Jordan Antonia has tapped into one of the most authentic pulses of great American music that’s been throbbing away in the backwoods of the nation for decades.  If her scorching new single Bayou Boogie doesn’t shake your juke joint, close the doors and call your respected Mambo or Houngan because there’s something wrong with your people.

After her well received debut EP A.D.D. Of The Heart Jordan is gearing up for the release of her second project self titled Jordan Antonia! This new lightning in a bottle sound she’s rockin is enough to wake up any sleepy town.  The vibe extends from the earliest Delta blues to a 21st century southern soul throw down.

This track comes from a place where guitars are carefully tuned to be somewhat out of tune, shiny brass blares and sing your lungs out vocals that often turn into soulful screams are the norm.  The 2:45 breakdown in this track is sick, true genre bending niceness, Michael Jackson would bust out right here.

jordan A black hat

The new single Bayou Boogie is available now on itunes and you can keep up with Jordan on twitter , instagram and Soundcloud. Catch her if you can the girl is makin moves.  Shouts out to Kreative House and Diamond Kesawn for putting us up on this one.


Come Again: A Mixtape by Tivert – Essex U.K.


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Killradio/Locash Collective style operative, code name Tivert, has just leaked a heavily coded transmission from his headquarters is Essex, U.K.  After decryption, several Missouri emcees voices could be heard clearly along with classic Hip-Hop heavy hitters.

We would like to recognize agent Tivert for leading the overseas rebellion against wackness and securing fresh style for the good people of Essex and beyond. This message is entitled Come Again and is addressed to all non-conformists across the globe. The mixing and the selection are precision on this. It’s all around on point. Stream or download the entire transmission here. Keep fightin the good fight..it never ends. – Hensley

((( Come Again: A Mixtape by Tivert )))

come again tracklist

Canadian vibe master Akin drops “Harmony” the second single from “True Stories.” (Official video)


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African-Canadian singer Akin’s new album aptly named True Stories turns on a metaphorical light switch for the human spirit. Some people live their whole lives trying to reach the mindset that the second single Harmony portrays.  To see that level of understanding embodied in such a young soul shines a little light on a world that seems to be going completely ballistic somewhere every day.

The new video shot in Toronto, shows people from young to old and in every shade of humanity sending a message of solidarity. The album is ten tracks of heavy drums with Akin and friends J.Robb, Nevahurd and Yomi lacing all of them with rich layers of vocals. The lyrics and vibe ebbs and flows from pride, to struggle, to heartfelt passion.

The main purpose behind the music and the video is to encourage a common ground between different yet equal voices that exist within our society that we might disagree but still respect one another thus some will sing the melody while others sing the harmony. – Akin


The album is available on itunes and Bandcamp and Akin is donating 50% of the song’s proceeds to UNICEF Canada to support their initiatives to fight poverty. 50%. That’s breaking bread.  So after you “go hard as a muthaf*cka” and find as many reasons as possible not to “turn down” this weekend, never forget to balance your soul out with some cleansing music.  Check out the video and be excellent to each other. One Love. – Hensley


A tour through Oklahoma style with SKER


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SKER UAT graffiti 4 I’ve been following Sker on the interwebs for a while now, after showing up in several pics with our mutual friend D.J.P. I sent him a friend request.  Shortly after, I noticed my already loud timeline becoming even more colorful. Outstanding graff pics with the paint so wet I could almost smell it through the monitor (no drips though), mixed with updates promoting impressive parties with nice line ups were everywhere.  Clearly he was up in the scene…several of them.  Little did I know till now, that he was pretty much running shit Tulsa/OKC. I recently got to ask him about it. He told me the story of a Mid-west kid addicted to freshness. You know a writer is legit when his answers almost fry your auto spell check. It was dope. It went like this.

What are your artistic roots?

I’ve been doing art since I was a kid. Growing up I was really into comic books, drawing, fantasy, monster movies and sci-fi. As a teen I got into rap, and saw album covers like Treacherous Three and Run-D.M.C. where I’d take tracing paper and copy the letters of the logos. I was drawing stylized lettering since about age 13, then moved into graffiti lettering around 1987. My brother and I formed The Evil Boys or EBK in 1987 with 2 friends, I painted my first real piece in 1988, and have painted steadily ever since.

As I turned into my twenties, we were incorporating anime, manga, and lots of graphic styles into our art. I co-founded UAT (graff/party crew) in 92 and have repped UAT (Us Against Them) since. I started writing the name SKER in 1993 and I’ve written SKER ever since then. I formed NDK (strictly graff crew) and repped that til its demise in 2000, and nowadays I rep Okie Boys, a loose group of artists & cool cats that I organized. I paint graff, and I do commissioned murals & art signage for a variety of clients, as well graphic art and custom paintings. SKER UAT graffiti 1996 freight What is your favorite medium?

My favorite medium is spray paint. Graffiti is where I really got into the styles, and I developed a passion for the art of creating graff. This passion is what keeps me going, still painting and still drawing. Spray paint is the core foundation, it’s the one thing that is the same for all graffiti artists; no matter where you come from, it’s up to you to show and prove once you get the cans in your hands.

A close second favorite would be markers. I draw ten times as much as I paint, and I use markers extensively. In addition to drawing graff I now use my markers for body art and calligraphy; figuring new techniques and new styles is always exciting. To me that’s what graffiti is all about: the concept of style, and the competition for the best style – that line is from “Style Wars” 1983 and it’s still true today. SKER UAT graffiti 5 How would you describe your style?

I have many styles. I’m known for big burners, clean lines, sharp edges, bold colors. I like making my pieces look real tight, with lots of energy. I focus on the flow of the letters, making it fresh every time. With UAT having been so strong and on point, and NDK having been so deep with art talent, our crews influenced the styles and we would share knowledge and techniques amongst ourselves.

So UAT had a certain style, and NDK had a recognizable style, that influenced others that came later. Of course, I also do fine art like acrylic paintings and large aerosol canvases, and there I get into lots of abstract styles and also characters. In addition I do professional graphic design, calligraphy, lettering and photography. I like to stay creative and stay busy. SKER UAT 36x48 aerosol canvas


On the promotion tip what events have you been a part of?

UATKrewe was just about the top name in the Oklahoma underground scene of the 90s. Very few people have more experience throwing parties in Oklahoma than I do. I’m talking about the OldSkool scene of all-night warehouse parties, no permits, unlicensed venues, DJs, hip-hop heads, B-Boy crews, and the underground music of techno, hip-hop, house, jungle, & electro. The OldSkool scene was a network of crews, working together into a movement.

UAT was formed as a graff crew in 1992 by HEK, CODAK and myself, and the following year 1993 I took the helm to promote the first UAT party. I threw a slew of parties, in the heydays when our scene was under the radar and was quite big (thanks to a list of other Oklahoma party promoters who also put in mad work). UAT parties featured out-of-state DJ headliners, underground venues, strong production values, and stylish graffiti-soaked flyers that people talked about and collected.

UAT flyer BEYOND 1994


I brought DJ Z-Trip to OKC in 98, I brought the entire Hieroglyphics Crew to OKC in 97, I brought Mix Master Mike to OKC in 96. I brought a slew of regional (Houston, Austin, Little Rock, Kansas City) techno-house DJ’s. I debuted D.J.P. in the OKC metro (he was down with UAT since 1995). I brought Midwest Avengers to OKC in 1998, Theo Parrish in 1995, a bunch of other names. UAT was known from St. Louis to Austin, and had a very strong reputation for quality.

I threw dozens of parties from 1993 – 1999, then took a hiatus after my first child was born. I re-established UAT events in Tulsa in 2003 with a monthly DJ party called “The Down Lounge.” I promoted that and other monthly parties (Mixt and Smoov Monthly) at a number of club venues for years. Then I slowed down heavily on club events, and moved into art shows. In 2008 I organized “Okie Boys Graffiti Invitational” and in 2011 (and in 2013) I did the “Decked Out” group skateboard art show, all in Tulsa. I keep saying I’m retired from promoting (which is almost true due to my work and family obligations), but I still keep busy with the annual Red Party (9th annual is coming this fall) and other events now under the GrownFolks moniker.

UAT flyers_COMMUNITY SERVICE tour 1999


Who are some of your favorite Oklahoma artists?

In OKC/405: My brother HECTK / David HEK, is the most talented artist you could find, he gets my ultimate respect. Way beyond graffiti (and he’s a style master), his illustrations, paintings, murals and lettering are incredible. He’s been a prodigy since we were little, and was my main partner in UAT and NDK, my painting-mission-teammate, and my brother so if you saw one of us back on the scene, you probably saw the other one. He’s at Think Ink Tattoos in Norman doing his thing today, and turning out amazing new work on the regular.

My man RHAK and I go way back, he was in my crew NDK and was a tight painting-partner for years, we’re still homeys. He used to promote parties back in the late 90s too, he brought DJ Craze, DJ Swamp, a bunch of quality underground hip-hop. Now he travels to do art, he gets up and he has great style, and still keeps his ear to the streets. ENTAKE gets good respect from me, he’s a great guy with a good attitude and tight skills. He’s active and he’s pushing himself forward all the time. YAVE I’ve seen his work in OKC since at least 1996, but I’ve never met the cat (he’s the only one on this list I haven’t painted with). I know that his graff characters have been arguably the best out of Oklahoma since back in the day, and I know he’s still getting busy with all types of custom art and airbrushing. Big props to this guy.


Tattoo by David HEK at Think Ink, Norman OK


In Tulsa: BSON is one of my favorites out of the 918. He’s been getting up for many years (he writes YOMOMS now), and his style is real clean and crisp. He’s precise, he runs a cool blog, plus he’s a great guy to be around. He also gets busy with paintings and commissioned murals.

AWHIZ is an art-business-owner so nuff respect on that tip alone! He gets busy with the graff, and his style is nice. A quality person too, who knows a whole lot about Golden Era hip-hop.

RUHEK is a cool cat, his style is on point and the guy paints with the best of em. You can spot his pieces easily, he has a certain look that is clean and flows really well.

ERATIK definitely gets mentioned here, he was in my crew NDK and since those days he’s developed into an incredible tattooist and illustrator. He owns Pen & Ink Tattoo in Tulsa, he’s done a slew of commissioned murals around town, and the guy’s art just blows people away.



How would you describe the Midwest scene today? The OldSkool generation will always be different from those who came afterwards; a lot has changed obviously, but “A” came before “B” came before “C” – the scene today didn’t just pop up, it was built upon foundations that were laid before by the older generations. The Midwest scene does have good appreciation for the real underground culture: the knowledge, the history, the values.

The styles coming out are nothing short of incredible, and the easy availability of thousands of amazing graff photos every week (via social media) means artists can stay inspired 24/7. OKC and Tulsa both have some quality graffiti talent, with some good crews putting in work. The expansion of graffiti jams has also been great for the Midwest scene, the number of regional events (like Denver, Austin, Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis etc) is really good to see since these events give publicity and bring in top names from other cities. It fosters a sense of having a community, so connections are made and that’s what keeps the graff scene going.

SKER UAT graffiti 1


The party scene is long gone, and unfortunately people don’t really travel in any numbers for road trips anymore. Back then Kansas City heads like EAST, GEAR, SCRIBE, KRIE, FIVE, PRES, SCOOB and many others (including the Flavorpak Crew) drove more than once from KC to go to my UAT parties in OKC; partying and painting with us, making connects that went both ways. Heads and crews from Dallas, Austin, Fayetteville, and the whole state of Oklahoma all used to be in the place representing at UAT events and other parties here in Oklahoma.

So having any type of underground event today is still very valuable to the heads, and I give props to the promoters who still organize real hip-hop events, on both the art and music tips. These days with legal walls, writers can take their time to create pieces that are very high quality & creative. Of course, a few folks think that permission walls “don’t count” as graffiti but that’s just their opinion. Me, I don’t knock what anyone does, I mind my own business and I pay attention to what I’m doing not what you’re doing.

Huge respect to all the writers who are getting up with style in Oklahoma, they are pushing the core of the movement and taking the risks to get that fame. That will always be the main foundation of the scene, so props to the artists that get biz on the streets, there are several here who are active. Of course, today beef and drama are everywhere, especially with the younger cats, and made much worse by the internet. But that doesn’t really bother or affect me, I stay drama-free. So the best advice I’d say to any writer is just to avoid all the BS, just do your work and concentrate on your painting, eff all the rest.

SKER UAT graffiti 3


Final shouts?

Thank to Locash for letting me run my mouth haha, and props to you for delivering a quality product. Respect goes out to my wife Lady Miz, and to the UAT Krewe: HEK, CODAK, JEST, TORK, ZEN, DEFIANT, ORBIE, SRVLNC, and BIAS. Shouts to the Okie Boys, and NDK family. Shouts to D.J.P, RHAK, AWHIZ, DJ Snap, Stylarosa, BSON, SADAT, Kartel, ERATIK, JDAM, GEAR, EAST, SCRIBE, JOKER IHU, MYST, QUEST, TAME, DREMR, WERS, MASHER, SLER, D-Range, HUS, MANIK, DASH, DERT, CASPER, MOY1, ABORT, DJ Krisp-E, Jeremy McConnell, SAVES1, Brotha Bee, DJ Moody, Jabee, RIKS, Evol -M, RUHEK, ZUAWE, MANIK, DESPIZE, JASPYR, TEK, LIKER, DJ Chron R.I.P, WWST, DUST, SEIKO, MEEK MC, Oilhouse. DJ Somar, Culture Shock Camp, Thing 1, One Tribe, MSX, DTK, DFA, OAC, ASS Crew, AOS, RAL, DKT, Pozitribe, Storm, Loo-B-Fresh R.I.P, Ed Crunk, Cypher 120 crew, and last but not least Jackie at MadDog.

SKER UAT, also known as Chris Sker, was born & raised in Tulsa Oklahoma. He’s on Instagram @chris_sker




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