Tucker Booth ‘Too High To Fight’ : Full album and CD link


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Published on Apr 16, 2014

Donate any amount to get the MP3s for free. Donating of $10 or more directly to Tucker Booth using the link below will enable him to send you a rare, CD copy of the album!

If you’d like to download without donating, use this link:

2. Don’t Bounce
3. Close The Drapes
4. No Front
5. Elevator Music
6. Horrible Night
7. Secret Muslim
8. Too High 2 Fight
9. Doomed
10. Too Damn Bad
11. Leavin’ Las Vegas
12. What’s The Matter?
13. The Chosen One
14. Eat Me In St. Louis
15. Nothing Changed 4 Me
16. “It’s All Here, Right?”
17. The Beat Is Broken

Featuring Silly J Skillz, Big Fish, Abe The Babe, Jarmel Reece, Jonathan Toth From Hoth, Irish Mother Scott, The Elders, and Less Rothchild.

Mixed and Produced by John Maxfield for Tantrum Niche Records.
Mastered by Dale Maxfield II.

New York’s Weird HappYness (((10,000 Hours +))) album preview


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Are you weird? Do you like to be happy? Me too.  I found some friends who specialize and excel and those very things, they are the aptly named Buddhist funk outfit Weird HappYness.  Hailing from New York this melodiously inclined pair of acoustic rebel rousers can raise low self-esteem to an all time high.

The New York based duo consists of percussionist Max Tucker and Hip-Hop producer Malik Ameer. Tucker, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from New School University Jazz Program in So Cal, is a classically trained drummer, yet is admirably unbound by any statute of traditional rhythm structure. Ameer, who grew up in Oakland CA. is heavy inspired by the West Coast underground scene, and is also an improv poet, a rapper and an author.  Beyond that, Ameer also has an affinity for ancient mythology and indigenous spirituality of all kinds, a deep thinker, all his art forms have an esoteric focus through a third eye perspective.

The graceful clamor these two weave together is definitely a must listen.  They just released 8 full tracks available at WeirdHappyness Bandcamp as a preview to the upcoming release of their debut instrumental album (((10,000+ Hours))) due out on Tuesday, April 29th.


Rhymesayers ridiculous Soundcloud game ~ 2014


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Rhymesayers Poster





Wake Self Drops First Video for “So Good” Off Sophomore Album


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wakesogood pb

Fresh on the heels of his sophomore album release, Wake Self drops the first video for “So Good” off Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake, which dropped on March 18, 2014.   The video for “So Good” personifies what the album encapsulates.

“The idea of the song is just to set yourself free from any negative static in your life,” Wake says. “The video illustrates that carefree feeling of just being in the moment and enjoying your life to fullest.”

Get the brand new album from New Mexico’s premier emcee today!

<<<  Wake Self Shop >>>

Run The Jewels, album of the year? We asked Trackstar the DJ.


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run the jewels

I keep hearing the words Album of the Year behind the words Run The Jewels, not from The Recording Industry Association of America, but from people who actually know what’s up, Rap fans.  Indy Music site theboombox.com among others, recently named  EL-P & Killer Mike’s a.k.a. Run The Jewels smash hit album of the same name 2013′s Fan Choice Album of the Year.  After readers voted online the album snatched 45% of the votes winning a land slide victory over the likes of Kayne, Jay-Z, Drake and Pusha-T.  I couldn’t agree more.  If you haven’t heard it, do that as soon as possible.  The group released it as a free download from  Fools Gold Records which was founded by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs and is home to Danny Brown, The Cool Kids and Chromeo.  Run The Jewels Dj Trackstar had this to say about this prestigious honor.”

Hensley – How do you feel about Run The Jewels being called album of the year?

DJ Trackstar – “Obviously, I agree–it was clearly the album of the year and everyone who said so is very smart. Honestly though it’s a beautiful thing when the public and press both react to something that was truly made organically and isn’t pushed by a traditional big record label, and we are very grateful for all the honors and accolades. It’s amazing for me personally to be a part of something that is such a big part of the current hip hop landscape–growing up as a Rap Fan ( < Trackstar’s web store check it), I never imagined I’d be involved in anything of this magnitude, all I wanted to do was be a part of the local scene and do cool rap shit.”

rap fan logo

Describe the Run The Jewel movement from your perspective?

“It’s really a perfect storm of two dudes who genuinely love each other and what they do, and who happen to be among the best ever at what they do. They both have unique, independent personalities that fans look up to and relate to, and they balance each other out and work together well–that comes across onstage and on the records.”

What’s it like producing music with a genius like El-p?

“I haven’t actually produced music with him–I added scratches to Job Well Done on the album, but over e-mail as opposed to in the studio because I was on tour with Mike and Big Boi at the time–but I’ve been listening to El since the 90s so it’s amazing to get a chance to watch him work. This week I’m going to be at some of the recording sessions for RTJ2 so I’m definitely looking forward to that.”

You have also been rocking with Tef Poe for a while now can we get another mixtape?

“Anytime. So far we’ve done Money Never Sleeps in 2010, Power Over Everything in 2011, and both Hero Killer and the David Ruffin Theory collabo with Rockwell Knuckles in 2013 (plus he hosted one of my last Boogie Bang mixtapes a few years ago), but I’m always down for another.”

Yo, they got my vote I’ve been bumpin this album for months. It’s an instant classic if I’ve ever heard one. There is also a string of epic videos already released and it was available on vinyl for a hot second (A-trak press up more copies please!) One of my favorite appearances from the group is DJ Trackstar’s El-p/Killer Mike mix session from Boiler Room TV that includes a sneak preview of the then unreleased Run the Jewels track Pew Pew Pew! Peep Game – Hensley



STLA connection Sav! and Mista Melo drop ‘Sleeze Rap’


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What happens when the sex, drugs and thugs of Los Angeles meet the gutter fab art pimps of Saint Louis?  A genre is born. Vibe engineers Scumbag Sav! (Saint Louis) and Mista Melo (Los Angeles) have cooked up a brand new product, cut it with classic Hip-Hop skills and called it Sleeze Rap.   Fifteen laid back tracks get twisted with game lesson lyrics and sparked with clever samples over Jazzy bass heavy breaks.  The Production is handled by Serious, Crucial, Jay Beatz, 21 Gramz, Young Blood, The Arsenals, DJ Muggs and the duo themselves. Bouncy rhythms and soulful hooks pour out of the speakers like indo smoke and the lyrics paint a picture of a lifestyle the gen pop doesn’t get to see.

This STL/L.A. collabo project has been in motion for a minute and 2014 has brought the perfect storm of influence for this new brand of narcotic to “rock up” into its purest form.  After a brief stay in Saint Louis county last month Scumbag Sav! wasted no time getting up with Melo and Blunt Boogie Records and they hit the corner with a pocket full of Sleeze Rap CD’s. “Fresh outta rehab / I ain’t relapse / I’m just right back at it” rhymes Sav! with no remorse on track 11 Low Low. If you can’t catch up to them in person (follow the pack of intoxicated females) you can cop one for a Lincoln at the Blunt Boogie Bandcamp or get it from Datpiff.com where it has been downloaded over 25,000 times. Let’s hope they don’t catch a case for pushin that much dope. Party. ~ Hensley

sav blunt b

Albuquerque Emcee Wake Self Releases Sophomore Effort


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Albuquerque, New Mexico. March 3, 2014—Albuquerque hip-hop staple Andy “Wake Self” Martinez had a stellar year in 2013. He released his first solo album, The Healing Process, and toured the country in support of the record, winning over new fans and solidifying his reputation as a fearless emcee.  Martinez just dropped his sophomore effort, Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake, a 12-track voyage through the New Mexico native’s mind.

Packed with flawless production by PH8, Percy Wells and DJ Young Native, Martinez effortlessly ebbs and flows over each beat with the fluidity of a master. With atypical lyrical content ranging from yoga, energy cleansing and eating organic food to population control, wearing matching flannels with his older brother and social media dumbing down America, Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake is truly one-of-a-kind.

He bravely addresses his happiness and depression as a child, self-mutilation, self-empowerment, and starting over. Martinez’s unique topics are the tip of the iceberg. Combined with his intense lyrical acrobatics and impeccable delivery, Martinez is indeed about to wake people up to what “quality hip-hop” means. Grab the new album today, link below! ~Kyle Eustice

  <<<   Wake Self Shop  >>>

wake self caligraphy

Atmosphere delivers the first video ‘Bitter’ from their upcoming album ‘Southsiders!’


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bitteratmos crop2

Most of us were introduced to Atmosphere by the track ‘Scapegoat’ in 1997, which for many, remains one of the realest tracks ever. It’s just god damn impressive and rare that a group can remain groundbreaking for 17 years, not relevant…groundbreaking. The first video ‘Bitter’ from the upcoming album ‘Southsiders‘ is a perfect example. I met Ant at a gas station 4 years ago  he immediately recognized us from the front row of their show earlier that night,  he walked right up to the car and asked us “Did you guys have fun at the show?, how did we sound?” That’s some Atmosphere shit right there.  They have always been here and I hope they never stop.  Check out the brand new video.

- Hensley

 “This one’s to recognize you / your jealousy needs an anthem too” – Slug

Austin Carter A.K.A. Centipede drops the LuvSounz EP for your soul.


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centipedelayer2 final

I’m writing this by the light of my monitor at 1:30 AM in an in and out of sleep state and I couldn’t be more comfortable with that. I Just cracked open a fresh e-mail from the infamous Midwest art imprint Farfetched. It’s the new EP LuvSounz by producer Austin Carter a.k.a Centipede. I’ve seen this project blasted all over the internet all week. Perfect timing.

After a quick soulful intro defining the sharing of things as a great interpretation of love, Austin gets right into anointing the synapses of your brain to a slow steady rhythmic pulse.  Track 2 First Sight is seemingly built around the sound of a live heartbeat layered over 10,000 crabs walking on a glass floor. It sounds like the result of Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Flying Lotus and Trent Rezner getting locked in a studio and deciding  to see who could drink the most codeine.

At this point I’m locked in. I can’t not listen to this, it’s absolutely intriguing.  I smoked a bowl of White Widow, closed my eyes a let the whole EP play 3-5 times (I have no idea how many times for reals) but I “woke up” right where I left off.

centipede luvsounz

Track 3 LuvSounz pt. 1 (Moon dance) Is a funky head nodder,  danceable and groovy, it’s good for what ails you.  Is that a harp? Yes, yes it is. This brings us to track 4. Magical Sunshine.  The first time I heard this I thought one thing, there is no way homeboy is old enough to remember this sound.  Which let’s me know one thing…crate digger. A tell-tale sign of a good electronic music producer.  Track 4 is so seamless I can’t tell how much of it is sampled and what is programmed.  So I asked him at 3 am via internet.

“Magical Sunshine, technically all of that track is sampled. The drums were from some records I pulled from years ago, that I chopped up and programmed myself. The rest is kind of a mix between juggling chopped samples and layering samples on top of each other, if that makes sense.” He replied. I was right, a fellow vinyl fanatic. So if you’ve ever wondered what the Bomb Squad would have sounded like in 1972, now we know. How dope is that!  It also reminds me of Hill Street Blues for some reason (look it up youngbloods.)

Track 5 LuvSounz pt.2(Midnight Hour) is reminiscent of flying saucers gliding through the rain and it would be good for…..    Track 6 Don’t Worry brings subtle deep vocals and soul claps that build up to some bangin heavy drum work.  Track 7 Luvsounz pt.3 (onsumluvsht) wraps it up nicely with the only live vocals on the project.  Three emcees bring to light the male/female power struggle over a final dose of masterful orchestration by Centipede.  Clocking in at 18 minutes 23 seconds you can absolutely let the project play a few times in a row and notice new things every time.  I wouldn’t say there is a method to Centipede’s madness as much as there is a science to his serenity. Good S*it man, I’m officially impressed with Austin Carter.

~ Hensley

farfetched banner

L.A.’s Sicko Soldado drops his second album City Of The Dead


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sicko salado

Sicko Soldado’s roots are in Sunland Park NM which borders Mexico.  A place where putting in work is unavoidable and family is everything.  In around 2000 he started running with a local rap crew called Dos Rivales (Two Rivals) and perfecting his skills.  Seeking to break out of the local scene and envisioning bigger things he traveled to Denver CO.  Two years later Sicko and his crew decided it was absolutely necessary that they drive to California to see one of their favorite crews Delinquent Habits perform.  When band member Kemo the Blaxican heard they drove 17 hours to peep the show he gave them his number.  After keeping in touch with Kemo, Sicko continued to put lyrics in his ear and convinced the West Coast Vet that California needed that special brand of Soldado heat.  Kemo agreed and the move was made.

Las raíces de Sicko Soldado están en Sunland Park NM fronterizo con México. Un lugar donde Puttin en el trabajo de algún tipo es inevitable y la familia lo es todo. En torno a 2000 comenzó a correr con un equipo de rap local llamado Dos Rivales (dos rivales) y el perfeccionamiento de sus habilidades. Tratando de salir de la escena local e imaginar las cosas más grandes que él viajó a Denver CO Dos años más tarde, Sicko y su equipo decidió que era absolutamente NECESARIO que conducen a California para ver a uno de emabrgo tripulaciones favoritas deliquent Hábitos realizar. Cuando el miembro de la banda Kemo Blaxican oyó condujeron 17 horas para espiar el show que les dio su número. Después de estar en contacto con Kemo, Sicko continuó poniendo letras en su oído y convenció al veterinario de la Costa Oeste que California necesita que marca especial de calor Solado. Kemo estuvo de acuerdo y el movimiento fue hecho.

sickoandkemo pb

Sicko’s second album City Of the Dead is a spirited journey through West Coast life in the eyes of a young artist. Street life, rap adventures, coming of age tales of family and loyalty to his people and culture. Sicko lays it down in his signature rolling baritone flow that almost sounds like a low growl or something other worldly, but the message in the music is utterly human, whether its living or respectively passed on.  Sicko flips from English to Spanish and back again seamlessly through the whole album, and he rips them both.  If there is one thing that can cross a language barrier its passion and sincerity.  This album is thorough on that front to back.  He is also the only emcee I’ve ever heard claim “Everywhere I roll it’s dead silence”…and it’s believable.  The name Soldado literally translates into the word soldier. Check out the video for FAMILIA FT BREEZEWOOD LA CONNECTA PRODUCED BY KEMO THE BLAXICAN and catch Sicko live Feb 28th in Pasadena CA and also downtown Los Angeles march 23.

 You can buy the album on CDbaby >>> http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sickosoldado1

sicko pasadena flyer

El segundo álbum de Sicko Ciudad de los Muertos es una jornada animada por la vida de la Costa Oeste en los ojos de un joven artista. La vida de la calle, las aventuras de rap, mayoría de edad de los cuentos de la familia y la lealtad a su pueblo y su cultura. Sicko lo pone en su signiture rodando flujo de barítono que suena casi como un gruñido o algo de otro mundo, pero el mensaje de la música es completamente humano, carnero castrado que vive o repectivly fallecido. Sicko voltea de Inglés a Español y viceversa seemlessy a través de todo el álbum, y que a los dos rasgaduras. Si hay una cosa que puede atravesar una barrera lanquage es la pasión y la sinceridad. Este álbum es del thourough en ese frente hacia atrás. Él es también el único maestro de ceremonias que he escuchado reclamo “En todas partes ruedo es un silencio de muerte” … y es creíble. Mira el vídeo de FAMILIA FT BREEZEWOOD LA CONNECTA PRODUCIDO POR LA KEMO Blaxican y coger Sicko viven 28 de febrero en Pasadena CA y también el centro de Los Ángeles 23 de marzo. – Hensley


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