Southern Gypsy Funk band Come Back Alice release official video for “Coraline”


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come back BW

With the emergence of new sounds and musical styles fueling the industry, the uniquely crafted musical contributions from Southern gypsy funk band Come Back Alice have grabbed the attention of both music enthusiasts and industry personnel. The Florida based band has announced the release of their latest video, “Coraline,” which is also available as their new single.

The elaborate new video was filmed in Florida by Lightwave Media and features a fairy-tale themed visual of Coraline sweeping through various scenes, seemingly following a path of destined destruction. The video captures its antagonist trying to lure Coraline with unsuspecting obstacles and she tries to rob Coraline of her beauty. In the lyrics, Tony Tyler, the band’s lead vocalist warns, “Coraline this place can be unkind, pull you low or push you high.” Tyler also said about the project.

Coraline represents the two sides that we all seem to posses. Everyone can relate to being pushed and pulled in one way or another — we all have our moments, ups and downs.

Stand up Bass lines, violin plucking, and giant sitars – paired with beauty stealing Wood Nymps, “enchanted” apples, hillbilly’s up to no good, and band’s playing in trees, all make this video an amazing journey through an awesome “Alice in Gypsyfunkland” scenario. Check it out.


Systematic Muzick presents JAH ORAH & KD ASSASSIN – “USED TO BE BOBBY & DARRICK” (Official video)


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jah kd b&W

St. Louis-based duo Jah Orah & KD Assassin present the Jah Orah/Baldhead-directed music video for “Used To be”, the DJ Reminise-produced title track of their new album featuring Aceyalone, Tef Poe, Bo Dean, MC923, Black Spade and Dharma Jean as well as production from Josef Leimberg (Mikah Nine), InStrumenTaL, 44Degreez, Pop dDub, Tony Baines, Baby Paul and Akili.

A Los Angeles native and Project Blowed graduate, Jah Orah was a newcomer to St. Louis when a chance meeting with KD at an STL event led them to the studio, then to a musical partnership. KD has toured with Cappadonna and has opened for Rakim and DMX, and Orah has performed alongside Aceyalone, Medusa, X-Clan, Public Enemy, Wise Intelligent and Damian Marley.

The meaning of ‘Used To Be’ to me is a transition from brainwashed mentality to finally waking up,” says KD, while Orah says “it’s just a song explaining my growth and the things I’ve seen growing up from Bobby to Jah Orah.

 – Dunn Deal PR

TheUsed To Be Bobby & Darrick album is out now on Bandcamp, iTunes and CDBaby.

preview and grab the 320kb clean mp3
Used To Be Bobby & Darrick album on Bandcamp | Audiomack
Twitter [@9_5h2olevel] | Facebook | Instagram
Twitter [@kdassassinstl] | Facebook | Instagram
Twitter [@djreminise10]

Brooklyn lifestyle collective MOST HEYE announce their debut new single “Remember”


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sin most heye


SIN, lead emcee from the New York collective Most Heye, has just released his debut single called “Remember.” Based on some very nice classic soul sampling, the track is a reminder to never forget where your heart is.

Started in 2014, MOST HEYE is a collective of artists dedicated to creating a new sound in music and making some noise in the fashion world as well. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the collective’s motto is “We come to change the mood.”

On top of adding his colorful stamp on music, SIN has also touched the sneaker design world, adding his own flavor to the New Balance – Alpine Guide 580 & Project 530 series, and the Saucony – Tequila Sunrise & Cabin Fever lines.

Footwear is just the beginning for SIN, next he plans on launching an exclusive HEYE line of original apparel designs.  The music is also flowing, new tracks are expected in December – stay tuned to You Tube and the MOST HEYE Soundcloud page for the upcoming single “Survival” and much more.


most heye woods

Mississippi Rapper Kang Mojo/Delta Boi releases new mixtape, Mojo Muzik: Volume 1


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Strait out of the Mississippi Delta, Kang Moja A.k.a. Delta Boi, swings his way through a fresh new mixtape of Bayou infused beats and Southern raised rhymes. Entitled “Mojo Muzik: Volume 1,” Mojo and his Crew E.G.P., bring their street styled lyrical flare over a list of talented producers to include: Alegal, AdoTheGod, J.R., Max Million, Street Empire, SupaStarr O, Drizzie, Vibe and Lett Loose.

Regionally Kang Mojo once earned the nickname “Freestyle,” and along with his new project, he recently released an off the top track titled, “32 Bars (Controversy),” just as a bonus. Fan favorites so far from”Mojo Muzik: Volume 1″ are, “Call Me Country,” and the throw your hood up anthem “Crooked Letta I.”

Mojo has also been expanding the deep Delta’s influence to Georgia, Louisiana and recently out to Cali for performances and to spread his new school blues laced Hip-Hop. Stay tuned to his Soundcloud page for plenty more laid back street anthems with plenty of bump for the trunk.

Kang Mojo

New music from Scumbag Sav! – “House of the Wicked” and interview part. 2


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Sav bottle

What’s going on with you and your music right now?

Basically my current situation with this music business bullshit. First I would like to say that to all the Artists who think they need any kind of deal, either distribution or through a label, you don’t by any means. Find your own way of promoting & building up your name & your brand. Find who you appeal to & attack those demographics like a parasite haha If your music is dope you don’t need nobody to “help” because eventually people will find you.

People talk, word of mouth is the most powerful promotional tool period. Especially these younger generations, if they like shit they homies are playing while they riding around in mom’s stolen Lexus they will Google the shit out of you & try to find any means to download your shit. So with that being said, lets move along haha

Who are you working with?

I have a distrubution deal with 101 Distrubution. A couple years ago they made a merge with We Rock Entertainment, a record label, which is distrubuted through Koch. Since I technically had a contract with 101 Distribution, I was forced into a label that I wanted nothing to do with. I no longer had a marketing director, nor anyone who actually gave a shit about myself or my music.

I requested an opp-out of contract around May of last year but came to no agreement, other than just give them my 1 album, which is the contract agreement with 101 Distribution, & then they will release me from the label, but not owning any of the masters of that album, which was never in my initial contract with 101 Distribution.
So basically I have been like fuck it, just release mixtapes until these court dates come.

What do you got comin out?

I have an album that’s been release ready for almost a year now. As soon as I got outta jail I recorded my ass off but then got locked back up. So I took a little bit of time off recording to focus on myself & re-evaluate my life choices a little bit. That’s when Melo & myself started working alot again. He keeps me motivated & is a dope producer/rapper.

Shoutout to Animoss as well. He has done some production for us as well & dude is a beast. I will forever be in debt to Melo & Animoss for just helping me grow as an artist. I soaked up alot of game from these dudes especially from Animoss, I used to kick with him on a daily, just watching him flip beats is amazing & his work ethic is disgusting. No days off.

Me & Melo got another mixtape we working on at the moment & still finishing up our debut album ” Golden Harvest”. Shit we got over 30 records already but we just trying to time everything right & make sure every record bangs.

Aside from that, I got 3 solo mixtapes I’m dropping before the years over. “Cellophane Sacks,” “Dispensary Dealin,’” and “House of the Wicked.”

Pancho Rucker – “Long Time Coming” from Shogun Music Group. Let’s go.


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Pancho long time


Pancho Rucker brings it full circle on these squares as he drops a heavy, full length Lp. The brand new album, aptly named “Long Time Coming,” shows a hungry, young veteran side of P. Rucker.

Tracks #1 “Die,” #2 “#Turndownforwhat,” and #5 “Aramareduh!,” are a straight party which is a Shogun Music specialty, crew members OPK and Smurf also appear on the album.  It definitely wouldn’t be a P. Rucker record without some nice Cadillac trunk music, see Tracks 4 &15 “The Landing” and “Hot Commodity” for all the Low-Pro details there.

“Long Time Coming” also brings us plenty of classic P.Rucker shenanigans, Benson, Cleveland Brown, and one of my favorite movie songs ever (see Track 9) all make an appearance but, some new ground is also broken in subject matter and production.

Pancho snow

Tracks like #13 “In The Moment,” #17 “Lay It Down,” and #18 “No Promises,” all blaze new trails in both departments.  Pancho has always been one of my favorite young gunner emcees.  I still rock to 2011’s “Kurt Cobain Music.” On this album though, he validates the stripes he’s been collecting over the years, with his clever and often comical style. I don’t know nobody else rapping about Quaaludes and tapedecks…and homie ain’t never lying. I’m gonna be bumpin this album for a while.

Washington’s PlagueDoctor has a new remedy entitled “Hooded Headed Medics”


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Plague doc house

Imagine if you will, if the Beastie Boys were born in a cold, heavily wooded area and then were raised by the Gravedigga’z.  What would that album sound like?  Well friends, let me introduce PlagueDoctor and their freshest vaccine “Hooded Headed Medics.”

This Rhythmic, folky, poetic crew is made up of Lighthouse, WilneverTell, APD and 8 Track Mind. The good doctor is Bellingham, Washington’s answer to the plague of boring, predictable Hip-Hop.  Right when the air is getting cold, trees are dying and a season known for wickedness is upon us, our anti hero-hero’s roll in like the fog with their new project.

plague doc

“Hooded Headed Medics” is filled with sounds atypical to modern Hip-Hop music, like the sound of glass breaking, bells, weird toy piano’s, real piano’s and all kinds of intriguing things.  While all these things are meticulously placed, it is all threaded together by deep drums, cryptic scratching and a heavy dose of samples from early psychedelic theater.

The emcees are distinct but resonate on the same wavelength, sometimes passing verses back and forth, sometimes rapping symbiotically, passing along medical secrets as they take us on a walk through the woods at night. One might think they were being led to their doom but, sometimes the best cures are the most unconventional. This is the medicine, let it work. You will come out the other side feeling much better.  Here’s the album, listen to it twice, don’t call me in the morning. I already know.

Plaguedoctor are also the newest members of The Frozen Food Section record label

Get “Hooded Headed Medics” at Zapnow Records Bandcamp

Check the brand new video for “The Rowboat (Sunk)”

Saint Louis’s own Scumbag Sav! is back on it with “Cellophane Sacks” Interview Part.1


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save cellophane

Yo, I’ve been rockin with Sav for like 6 years now.  I don’t always know where he’s at, I think only the lord knows (or maybe satan) sometimes but, I do know one thing…he’s got some new music comin out.  He always does.  He’s one of those rare people who is overflowing with artistic expression.  I think if he couldn’t make music he might spontaneously combust, even then he would rap in all of our faces from the afterlife with a quick whiff of Hennessy when his spirit left the room.

I recently got to catch up with my homie. The questions are simple, but the answers are always good.

Sav…what the fuck have you been up to?

“Shiiiiiiit, I been good, stayin outta jail, keepin myself busy w/ this music shit. Just trying to be as productive as possible basically. Mista Melo & myself dropped a mixtape called “Sleeze Rap” back in December that did real well, close to a 100,000 downloads, about 30,000 of them solely on alone so that was a blessing.”

“S/O to Melo & Animoss! Dropped my forth solo mixtape back in like April I believe, called “Art Monster” & that has also done pretty good. Just been recording alot more than usual the past year, I have 3 projects that will drop before the year is over… As long as I don’t get locked up again haha”

Quit playin fool. What are the projects called?

“Cellophane Sacks,” “Dispensary Dealin,'” and “House of the Wicked.” I just leaked a song & a teaser vid for one of the projects, “Cellophane Sacks”, about a week ago.”

“The House of the Wicked mixtape I’m donating all the proceeds to a halfway center that house paroled convicts that help them back into the real world. Since I can’t legally profit off any of my own music*, then I will use the profits to help better the lives of others.”

Check out the video for “No Contest” off the upcoming “Cellophane Sacks” project and follow SAV on Soundcloud for the latest.

*Full disclosure in part 2 of this interview coming soonly soon.

Lyrics of Saint Louis is goin down this Thursday! Ft. Jah Orah & KD Assassin and special guests Family Affair


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On Thursday Oct. 23rd, the Lyrics of Saint Louis showcase is poppin off in downtown STL.  Headlining the show will be Jah Orah and KD Assassin who just dropped Their smashing debut album “Used to Bobby and Darrick” also performing are MC923, Chris Ware, Prospect, Thee Zado, Allen Gates, Royal & Geo Davis, Camus Cren, J Skillz and special guests Footklan’s Family Affair.

Event hosts PHATPheezy & DJ Reminise invite all wordsmiths and Hip-Hop heads to join them at STL’s premier Dark Bar the Crack Fox on 1114 Olive

jah fam pic art

Charlotte’s Stranger Day drops brand new visuals for “BORN BAD” (Official video)


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Stranger day


Charlotte, North Carolina emcee Shane Coble a.k.a. Stranger Day presents the Shamus Coney-directed music video for his new single “Born Bad”. The beat is produced by Joel Khouri, who handles the majority of production on Graves, Stranger’s forthcoming album set to feature Lotta, Elevator Jay, Reese, Terrence Richard (Junior Astronomers), Jams F. Kennedy, Ally Hoffmann, Ducko McFli, Justin Aswell (Mr. Invisible), Little Bull Lee, Lotta, Elevator Jay, Travis Phillips (Modern Primitives), Scott Weaver, Mykal Star & Alex Kastanas.

The “Born Bad” video follows on the heels of the music video for first single “All In Together Now.” Shane followed up his first project Young, Dumb & Dope with the Barstool Bounce EP which included production from Mad Decent’s DJA, and included “Not Playin” which was featured on MTVU, Fuse and AOL Music. Bounce also included production from Philadelphia’s EMYND who Day teamed up with for the rock ‘n roll sample-fest A Sunday Drive With The Windows Down. Day dropped his first full-length album Vice Matters in 2012, and Greedmont Park and We Are The Process presented his 2013 album You’re Welcome. – James Dunn

My DJ friend AHUF was sitting around stoned watching Natural Born Killers,” says Stranger. “He heard the sample, gave it to our friend Joel Khouri and he made a banger. I just took my ’66 Riviera out for a ride and created a cool visual; something a bit haunting to fit the vibe of the song.



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