Mindz I releases sonic optical experience – “iScience”

New Jersey native Mindz I blends genres of music with an [in his own words] ‘east meets west mentality’, intense syllable rhyming and socially aware lyrics. This summer he’s taking audiences everywhere on a musical journey like no other with his new audio/visual experience called “iScience.”

Being a Jack of all trades, Mindz I Emcees and plays all his own instruments, producing songs with guitars, synthesizers, samples and cuts from movies, television shows, video games, and basically anything in the universe that he can record. The talented artist prides himself with always using metaphors in his rhymes that reflect the environment around him.

In a unique twist, combining music and technology, Mindz I records music with Holophonic Sound and Brainwave Entertainment technology, he then takes the scene to another level with his psychedelic visuals. Each song has a YouTube video with an alternate version of the song offering listeners a visual experience with a psychedelic theme.

“To open your mind and paint the picture of the music within you. – Mindz I”

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Hot new music from Scrub & 9 Ball Ent. – “Reagan”

9-Ball Entertainment’s Scrub & M.A. Double a.k.a The Super Delegates, just dropped a funky wake up call track as they do around this time.

With election season approaching, remember that politicians only speak harsh truths while campaigning. It’s eerie how much Reagan’s words, sampled from a 1964 speech, ring true today. Obviously, he didn’t abide by his own warnings. I used them to frame some of my own thoughts about the current state of our society – Scrub

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Cleveland heavy hitter Ray Jr. releases – “Biggie”

Hailing from East Cleveland and repping the Legit Paper and EST. 19XX teams Ray Jr. returns after his hit “Same Crew” to create that summer time feel about doing it B.I.G. in different cities. Just released, is Ray’s B.I.G. influenced track called “Biggie”.

This new track is featured on Ray Jr’s upcoming EP and Gold Pack Tour coming in June, the song premiered on Hip Hop Nation. Baby baaaby!

ray jr gold packs coming soon

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